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Agoraphobia Story


This is where people can put down there experiences of there phobias how it’s affected there lives, how it’s affecting there life now, if they’ve managed to overcome their phobia and what helped them overcome it, Hopefully it will help us all knowing were not alone in suffering, If you would like to see your story here just email us with it, you can contact Admin by clicking on “Contact Us

I think if people can see how panic and phobias affect other people it will only help them in there isolation.
It doesn’t have to be too long, it can be about what phobia you suffer from, how long you’ve suffered from it how it’s affected/affecting you, It doesn’t really matter what the phobia is if you think it might help others then that’s great, also you don’t have to put a name to “My Story” it can be Anon if you wish, but i reserve the right not to include it if i think it may offend other people.

Ok I’ve managed to put something down so here goes …..
Where do I start, I know from the beginning?
Well I started off with agoraphobia and panic attacks about 19 years ago now, how did it start, well I can remember that day as if it was yesterday,

I’d been out that night with my brother drinking it was December time there was snow on the ground, that night I’d had a bit to drink and was feeling a bit rough,
Before this though I’d never heard of agoraphobia or knew anyone with it or panic attacks, anyway I got home about 11pm only to find that my daughter had been ill so we had to call the doctor out, he gave us a prescription for in the morning and left after he left my daughter was physically I`ll, this didn’t make me feel too good especially with the drink,

I woke in the morning and I went off walking to the shops to collect the prescription I was rapped up warm as it was so cold out, I still felt a little hung over from the night before but nothing I hadn’t felt before, I got to the chemist and it was full of people so I handed the prescription in and decided to wait for it, because it was so busy they told me it would be a while before it was ready, I thought no problem I’ll wait, well as I was waiting in the chemist I started to feel hot and dizzy I put this down to the hangover from the night before, so I just went outside for some fresh air and to cool down a bit, I went back into the shop and the same feelings returned, dizziness and feeling hot I felt like I was going to pass out, so again I went outside, I must have done this about 4 times, in the end it got so bad I left the prescription there and returned home it was only a 5 minute walk away and I felt ok,

The next day I decided to go to town on the bus we got on the bus no problem travelled into town which was about a 15 minutes bus ride away,
It was only after about 10 minutes after getting off the bus into town which was very busy because of the time of year that I started to have the same feelings I’d had in the shop I couldn’t understand this or what was happening to me, so I decided to walk out of the town to where it was less busy as I did so that’s when the first panic attack really hit me, at the time I didn’t know what was happening or what it was but all the same it felt like I was going to die, the pounding heart, the dizziness feeling like I was going to pass out, well at this stage I was so scared that I told my partner to phone my friend to come and pick us up, the waiting for him was unreal the panic was still there and I still didn’t know what was wrong with me,
I managed to get home in the car as we neared home I started to feel a bit better, got back to the flat and had something to eat and felt ok,

The next day I decided to go visit some friends, well on the way there the same feelings returned so I thought I’d just carry on walking and I’d be fine, but no it got worse in the end I turned around and headed back home, it wasn’t until I got back that I started to feel ok again, I decided then to make an appointment with the doctor to find out was going on,
Well while waiting in the room to see the doctor the feelings came back yet again I couldn’t believe it, up until this point I’ve travelled abroad I was working went out to the pub most nights thought nothing of going to the shops and town etc,

The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with me so he gave me some medication to take which were Oxazepam, I left the doctors still feeling what I now know is panicky,
Anyway as time went on I became more and more Agoraphobia until it got to the stage that I was housebound, at about the same time there was a piece in the local paper about Agoraphobia and panic attacks someone had just started a local support group up, everything they seemed to put in the paper matched my symptoms exactly, so I phoned the group up and they sent me some information and a relaxation tape through, I received this and started to read it I couldn’t believe that after about a year I could put a name to it,

Any way I decided to set up this website so other people can come and find out about different phobias and talk to like minded people,
One good thing is I never give up hope of getting over this. Remember plenty of positive thinking and the right help and we will get there in the end.