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Arachnophobia fear of spiders

Fear of the eight-legged is a very common phobia, especially among women. Movies and stories have taken advantage of this popular fear of the spider and they are associated with Halloween and spooky places all over.  However, arachnophobia comes in several degrees of severity. The instinctual reaction is the fight or flight response. In extreme cases of arachnophobia the phobic will not even enter a room without having someone else check it for spiders. I myself, am pretty bad about spiders. Even a picture will give me shivers and when i see one I will run and scream or just freeze up. Agoraphobics will avoid areas likely to have spiders and may even avoid areas of their own home if they saw a spider there. I once avoided my own sofa for 7 months because i saw a huge spider go behind it. This fear should not upset daily life too much unless the phobia is so severe as to tear rooms apart and constantly search for possible eight-legged creepy-crawlers.

It is disputed on whether this phobia is a throw back response from our ancestors, when spiders were bigger and possibly more venomous, or if it is simply the unfamiliarity of the eight legs. It is believed that one can be predisposed to arachnophobia by a parent that is afflicted, perhaps by a sort of “learned fear”. It has been suggested that people are more freaked out by their unusual anatomy than by the fear of actually being bitten. From experience, I can honestly say that the thought of being bitten rarely enters my mind. The fear is of the spider touching me at all or the thought that it could crawl on my skin. To watch people eat them on television makes me cringe and shake like nothing else,

The facts are that most spider venom is not poisonous to humans at all, but is only dangerous to the spiders dinner!! Spiders are very important to the environment and the animal world’s life cycle. They are helpful  in gardens as they will eat the harmful pest that would kill your flowers or vegetables. It has been statistically shown that you are more likely to die in a freak accident, like a flying bottle cork, than from a spider bite. However, “the facts” are of very little comfort to those who fear the spider. Those affected know that the fear is irrational and likely exaggerated but that doesn’t make it any easier.

This is a phobia that can be overcome. A popular method is desensitization. Forcing yourself to be in a spiders presence, facing your fear head on but slowly. Eventually through this process you should even be able to hold on in your hand. You can try this method on your own or with a supporter. You must tell yourself that spiders are here to stay and accept that as a fact. Educating yourself on spiders should be the first step, as knowledge is power and strength. Also, you will want to know your dangerous species because some spiders are poisonous and can cause severe damage, only a very few though.