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Fear or Phobia of Birds

Phobia of birds is particularly difficult to overcome simply because birds are all over the place. You can’t step outside without seeing one and it is most likely that you hear their tweets and calls from within the walls of your home. This can make your fears unbearable.

Bird Fear Challenges

People who suffer from phobia of birds are in very difficult situations because they usually cannot leave their homes. This is simply because birds are in open spaces outdoors and they can show up just about anywhere, anytime when you are outside. This means that your only option to avoid them completely is to stay indoors.

Being confined to your home is crippling in so many ways. You are emotionally devastated because you can’t go anywhere. You become dependent on other people to help you and you are very likely to develop depression over time.

Even if you are able to brave the outdoors, you are always under the threat of a serious panic attack. Your every thought becomes linked to birds and you are completely overpowered by fear and irrational emotion. This is a very difficult predicament.

A Fear of Birds is a Serious Matter

While this might not be one of the most common types of phobias, it is a serious one that affects many people. Part of the reason that this phobia is so serious is because birds are everywhere and they are unavoidable. People who are afraid of spiders and snakes may be able to avoid places where these animals usually gather. However, a bird is not so easily controlled and can fly overhead at any time.

Phobias are, essentially, distortions of rational thoughts. Nobody would like to be attacked by a bird. However, most of us can recognize the small probability that we will ever be attacked by a bird and can go on living normal lives. Those with a phobia cannot do that.

What are People Afraid Of?

As with most phobias, people are often anxious for irrational reasons. People may be concerned that a bird is going to attack them. Of course, birds are typically not aggressive and the vast majority of people see them in the sky every day of their lives and have never been threatened by them.

How To Cope With This Phobia

Many people find their panic to be debilitating. They are unable to leave their homes because of the possibility that they will see a winged animal overhead that will cause them to suffer a panic attack or some other embarrassing behavior.

In order to understand your phobia of birds, it is necessary to figure out what triggers your fear. Birds engage in various activities. They make many different sounds and they are visually exciting because of their unusual movements.

What triggers your fear when it comes to birds? You may shutter at the sound and sight of fluttering wings. Perhaps the bird’s walk or the way it pecks at the ground causes panic in your experience.

The flying creatures have color and texture that may be difficult for your senses to process without uneasy feelings. Maybe your mind is set in the belief that these creatures are dirty, disease-carrying threats.


This may seem like an overly simplistic suggestion but it helps to rethink how you experience birds. Considering how powerful phobia of birds really is, you may believe that this is impossible. The trick is to become somewhat objective about them.

How can you be objective when there is such intense fear and emotion linked to birds? You have to start by clearing your mind and retraining it to think differently. Once your thoughts are in order, your emotions and behavior will follow.


When you are in a state of panic, it is impossible to think clearly on a conscious level. Your brain and body are working very hard to protect you from the frightening situation. Self-hypnosis undermines your fear and irrational thought processes.

Your panic response to birds is initially internal. Your behavior patterns are manifestations of your inner belief, fears and thoughts. Self-hypnosis allows you to start with a clean slate on the subconscious level. You are in a relaxed state so panic is not an issue. Soon you realize that your phobia of birds is fading away when you try this approach.