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Fear or Phobia of Cats

The Phobia of Cats is called ailurophobia

People have different reasons for their fear of cats. However, most of them can point to an experience in their past that made them afraid of the animals. While it is always prudent to treat animals with respect, it is not normal to panic at the sight of an ordinary cat or kitten. Pets are meant to bring love and happiness to people. Breeders do not breed animals to create anxiety. Yet, people with a phobia of cats are incredibly anxious when they see a feline.

It might seem like this type of phobia is easy to live with if you do not own a cat. However, people who suffer from this phobia might be afraid to visit homes that have a pet cat or might avoid taking their children outside in case they run into a feral cat. People with a severe form this phobia may even be afraid of seeing a cat on TV.

Don’t Pass the Phobia to Your Children

Children are remarkably perceptive about their parents’ fears. Many parents are, therefore, concerned about passing their concern about pets to their children. They do not want their children to learn to fear felines like they do. They want them to play outside, visit friends and watch TV without fearing a panic attack.

Break the Cycle of Panic

The best way to break the cycle of panic is to end your own phobia. This will require you to recondition your mind. When you see a cat you will no longer fear an attack but will instead see the animal as a gentle creature that means you no harm.

Reasons Why some People Have The Fear Of Cats

1. The first reason people may have this fear is superstition. People, who are superstitious, have irrational beliefs. They may believe something as silly as if a black cat crosses their path, they will have seven years of bad luck. Since a black cat is no different than any other cat, except for the color of its fur, this is very unfounded behavior.

2. The next reason for people having this fear is that they are in unfamiliar territory. If something is unknown to you, you will most likely have some fear of it. You may feel anxious and scared when you first come in contact with it. So, if you were never around cats growing up, you would not be familiar with their ways. These people should try to familiarize themselves with cats to help them overcome their uncertainties.

3. Another reason, people may have fear of cats, is that they have a phobia. They could have what is referred to as ailurophobia. This phobia could control people’s lives to the point that they will not do certain things for fear of coming across a cat. This type of fear of cats is an irrational fear since most of these people do not even know why they have this phobia. These people should seek help for their fears as soon as possible.

4. The final reason that people may fear cats is that they do not like animals. Some people don’t like animals for different reasons. It could be that they are allergic or just do not like to hassle with them. Others may prefer to be around some other type animals, like dogs and still have a disliking for cats

Help is Available

NLP and hypnotherapy have both proven to be effective. Direct NLP and hypnotherapy reconditioning techniques have cured many people with a phobia of felines from their debilitating panic.

How NLP and Hypnotherapy Can Help

Direct NLP and hypnotherapy reconditioning techniques do not take into account why a person is afraid of cats. A person might not remember what started their fear. They might not remember a time when a cat jumped on them suddenly or when a cat scratched them when they were small children.

Yet, they are aware of how their phobia limits their everyday activity. NLP and hypnotherapy will recondition their thoughts. After treatment, they will not panic when they see a cat but will instead see a cat or kitten for what it is, namely a beloved pet or innocent animal that will not hurt someone without provocation.

NLP and hypnotherapy can often help someone fully recover from this phobia in one session. Rarely, a second session might be required. Therefore, in as little as one hour, a person can be rid of his or her fear of cats that so profoundly impacts his or her life.