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While we endeavour to offer support and understanding to all who use the chat room, forum and site, we would like it to be known that this site is run by non-professionals.

None of the opinions of chatters/posters are those of the website and none are endorsed by the owners of this site. Any user acting on the advice of comments in the chat room or posted on the forum does so at their own risk. No health care professionals (i.e. Doctors, nurses) are involved in the running of this site and none of the information given should be acted upon without the consultation of a trained professional. If you believe yourself to be suffering from any of the mental disorders mentioned on this site please contact your local physician and seek professional help.

Privacy Policy

Phobia Support respects the privacy rights of its visitors and recognises the great importance of protecting information. Accordingly, our policy is to never disclose any personal information to a third party for any reason whatsoever.