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Driving Phobia – What Is It?

Driving phobia is the fear of driving. Its symptoms and causes vary from person to person, but they all have automobiles in common. It is considered a form of anxiety and can act like other common forms of anxiety.

The Two Major Forms Of Driving Phobia

Driving anxiety can be broken into two major categories. The first is the actual driving of the car itself. The second, with more issues involved is the situational phobia that comes from riding or driving a car. Certain events can trigger anxiety attacks, such as bridges, rivers, or riding with someone else who is driving. They all seem to be generally related to one not having control of the situation. This fear of losing control is what actually triggers the attack.

What Harm Is There In Driving Phobia?
Our modern day societies have become increasingly spread out. It is not uncommon to drive many miles to get to work. A favorite restaurant may be across town. Maybe friends and family live in another city. All of these cause serious problems for anyone suffering from driving phobia.
Getting to work every day can be next to impossible, or maybe impossible if you aren’t able to drive. Of course this affects how you live and where you are able to live. These restrictions on your life can bring a feeling of being trapped.

Much of our personal happiness is tied to our ability to be with those we care about. Not being able to see friends and family when you would like to can bring a feeling of loneliness and separation from those you love. It can cause us to retreat into a type of cocoon where we would rather not be.
A feeling of dependency can also arise if we need the help of others to live our daily lives. Such things as grocery shopping, trips to the doctor, and many others, can take away our feeling being able to take care of ourselves and reduce us to a sort of extended childhood.

There Are Treatments Available For The Phobia
The current methods of treatment usually contain some type of therapy. Counsellors trained in various forms of driving anxiety attempt to look into the root cause of the phobia.
Our past experiences can play a major role in how we deal with it. There may have been certain events in the past we need to understand in order to get our fears under control.
If there were any traumatic events in our past, such as an accident or a total loss of control, seeing them again may trigger the same reaction. It could be something as simple as feeling frightened going over a high bridge when you were young and you have never gotten over the fear you felt that day.

Parents could also have made you feel inadequate and that feeling has never left you. Avoiding driving allows you to avoid having to test your adequacy.
Hypnosis has also been tried with varying degrees of success.
The good news is you don’t need to live your life suffering from the phobia. You can find help.