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Emetophobia Story,

My phobia stems back as long as I can remember. As a child every time someone would become ill and vomit I can remember praying that I would not catch what ever they had because vomiting to me was one of the worse things that could ever happen to me or anyone else.

I fear it so much that if a medication says that it may cause nausea or vomiting I dont care what it is for I will not take it….

I learned to deal with this phobia as a child and teenager, Then I became pregnant with my first born I can remember lying in the bed day after day refusing to move or talk figuring if I just lye still I could avoid vomiting and did.. When I turned 23 years old my son had caught some type of stomach virus in turn I caught it as well and that is when my life totally changed for the worse after the virus had passed I found that I could know longer live in my home due to the fact that every time I walked into that home the only thing I could think of was being sick that night with that virus It impaired my ability to eat,sleep or even conscentrate on my five year old, so I sold my home and moved in with my parents the phobia got proggresivley worse I was so paranoid of vomiting that I couldnot leave the house,

I could not consume any food I only weighed 92 pounds I knew I needed help or I was going to die. I talked to a doctor who classified me as OCD and put me on paxil. The paxil helped me to gain a posotive adittude I could leave my home I could eat and inturn gained weight back.. I was feeling much better but every time I would eat the thoughts of vomiting were in my mind always.

I had gotten a new job and met a wonderful person we had many conversations about my phobia and he seemed to be very understanding towards everything. we both wanted to try for a baby. Once we conceived again I became very sick to the stomach every day lost my job would not get out of bed for fear that moving around talking and eating would cause me to vomit and this went on until I was abot twelve weeks pregnant then the morning sickness had passed again I was ok and still on paxil. After the baby was born an about 7 months old I had woken up at 4 in the morning I started vomiting it lasted about 24 hrs and I only gotten sick one time but that was enough for me all of a sudden it was like I was not on medication at all.. Again I have trouble eating I can not sleep in the bedroom because that is where I was sick my eight year old never caught it but my husband and my infant did I was ready to leave the house and go stay at a hotel until they were better an all of the germs were bleached out of the house.. I just want to be normal !!!

And that is where I am today a 27 year old mother of two who can not control her fear and dont know where or how to start I often feel alone or maybe crazy..

Thanks for listening