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    Hiya, Being Agoraphobic I've not been able to visit my doctor, but know I'm low on Vitamin D so just started to take them and so far so good, it's only been two weeks so will let people know if they have been a help, I have real problems with sleep and Vit D is supposed to help, It is also supposed to help lift your mood so will report back and let you know if it really worked Admin.
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    Hi dino.I am so sorry that u lost your dad to.and that your son is so ill.Believe me I do understand how you feel.I have a son and daughter and they could care less. How sad is this he lives only about ten minutes away and i never get to see him or my granddaughter or grandson ,they are both very young.One will be six in Oct and the other will be four in Nov.I understand how you feel because I am very anxious when they do come. Isn't awful how we are afraid of our own kids? I love them to pieces I also have a daughter whoops I already mentioned that.sorry. I also have diabetes type two. I feel so bad for you.I will send you a hug if that is alright.When my husband passed away he died in front of me I saw him take his last breath ugh.He wouldn't let me call the ambulance see he had parkinsons.I had to take care of him believe me it wasn't easy he was a very heavy man and I am heavy myself.Just like my mom who is 90 she was taking care of my dad before he died. The sad thing is he spend half a day before in the emergency room and the doctors then he was sent home they said he was okay. Then he passed away the next day. My mom and I really don't see eye to eye that much but I had to try to forgive her.SHe is all alone and she needs me now.So I call her everyday. If you need to vent you go right ahead it won't bother me at all.I care about you. I just wish that things could be better for you.This disorder stinks I was on lorazapam to for awhile but now I am on klonopin meds are getting to costs a lot but what can you do we need our meds.I would go nuts without them. Please take care,Love Carol Hi Ellen, have you noticed how early it is getting dark out?Soon it will be getting dark around 4 ugh.I love Christmas u know that and my tree too,I put my tree up early because it brightens my day and mood.It takes away the sadness for at least a little while.I do hope we have a warm winter.Soon I will be stuck inside then again I havent sat outside for a week already.Haven't felt much like it at all.So darn depressed.Soon it will be halloween,then thanksgiving and Christmas my birthday and favorite holiday >Christmas should be all year long .here is a xmas pix to put all in the mood .