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    Dino, thanks so much for the sweet welcome. I can' wait or talk to other people that have this. My first appoiment is tomorrow. Not really nervous, kind of excited.
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    Hiya, Being Agoraphobic I've not been able to visit my doctor, but know I'm low on Vitamin D so just started to take them and so far so good, it's only been two weeks so will let people know if they have been a help, I have real problems with sleep and Vit D is supposed to help, It is also supposed to help lift your mood so will report back and let you know if it really worked Admin.
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    Hi dino.I am so sorry that u lost your dad to.and that your son is so ill.Believe me I do understand how you feel.I have a son and daughter and they could care less. How sad is this he lives only about ten minutes away and i never get to see him or my granddaughter or grandson ,they are both very young.One will be six in Oct and the other will be four in Nov.I understand how you feel because I am very anxious when they do come. Isn't awful how we are afraid of our own kids? I love them to pieces I also have a daughter whoops I already mentioned that.sorry. I also have diabetes type two. I feel so bad for you.I will send you a hug if that is alright.When my husband passed away he died in front of me I saw him take his last breath ugh.He wouldn't let me call the ambulance see he had parkinsons.I had to take care of him believe me it wasn't easy he was a very heavy man and I am heavy myself.Just like my mom who is 90 she was taking care of my dad before he died. The sad thing is he spend half a day before in the emergency room and the doctors then he was sent home they said he was okay. Then he passed away the next day. My mom and I really don't see eye to eye that much but I had to try to forgive her.SHe is all alone and she needs me now.So I call her everyday. If you need to vent you go right ahead it won't bother me at all.I care about you. I just wish that things could be better for you.This disorder stinks I was on lorazapam to for awhile but now I am on klonopin meds are getting to costs a lot but what can you do we need our meds.I would go nuts without them. Please take care,Love Carol Hi Ellen, have you noticed how early it is getting dark out?Soon it will be getting dark around 4 ugh.I love Christmas u know that and my tree too,I put my tree up early because it brightens my day and mood.It takes away the sadness for at least a little while.I do hope we have a warm winter.Soon I will be stuck inside then again I havent sat outside for a week already.Haven't felt much like it at all.So darn depressed.Soon it will be halloween,then thanksgiving and Christmas my birthday and favorite holiday >Christmas should be all year long .here is a xmas pix to put all in the mood .
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    You will be able to find lots of useful information from other sites here.
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    I just watched the video & read some of the pieces listed & I just wanted to share w/ya'll what I did that has CONSIDERABLY CHANGED MY LIFE. I have a german shepherd, mental health service dog. I'm much better than I use to be w/the agoraphobia, but nothing is a "cure all"! I still suffer w/panic attacks & anxiety, but when I do he even helps me w/that! There's NO PLACE HE CANT GO W/ME! In the 10 years I've had him, we've NEVER been apart accept when he had surgery. U can call me "co-dependant", but I'd much rather be that than agoraphobic!!!! IT'S TOTALLY AMAZING HOW MUCH HE HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I hope that @ least 1 person finds this info usefull!
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    Hello, A trivia channel as now been set up it can be found Here Enjoy Admin.
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    Hello, We are now working on the new site, Making it more mobile and tablet friendly, Hopefully it will be up and running soon. Admin.
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    Good Morning !!! In honor of Elvis Presley's Birthday , Yesterday .. this is my song today ... This is one of my favorite , I think it shows how much he really loved Priscilla , They were married the same month and year as my hubby and I were ... <3 He was an Icon , people will never forget him.. Love Flo xxx
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    Thanks for the advice dino. I had been unemployed for 8 months and finally felt competent enough to get a part time job. I was doing ok at it and then business picked up and I started to panic but then I just slowed down and took it one thing at a time and then the panic subsided. Breathing really helps. I find that when I get anxiety if I just slow my actions and not let my mind race then it helps a lot. I used to have a really good job doing something I always wanted to do but with the onset of anxiety and then panic attacks, I couldn't handle my job responsibilities anymore. Even though the job I just started only pays 1/3 of what I used to make, I feel proud of myself to actually be doing something again. I guess sometimes in life you get some major set-backs and you just kind of have to start your life all over again. I tell myself I'm just taking baby steps until I can build up courage again and overcome all these fears and anxieties. I hope others will read this and maybe it will help them in some way. :-)
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    I can relate. I don't have anxiety to that degree. It makes me sad. I wish I could help. If only we all had someone right by our side constantly reassuring us that we can do these scary things. That we have the courage deep down inside and we just need a coach every step of the way saying "you can do this. Nothing bad will happen. You will be okay. Breathe in and out. You can do this. You can do this. You can do this..." and then someone to congratulate us that we climbed that mountain.
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    To Croc Man Happy Birthday We hope you have a wonderful day, We hope you have loads of cards and prezzies. Love Dawn & Paul xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKYJMOA_u1s
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    To Dino & James Happy Anniversary, We hope you have a wonderful day, We hope you have loads of cards and prezzies. Love Dawn & Paul xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    A very Happy Birthday to Crocman........ xxxx Hope your Day was special .. xxx with much Love . Your friends Flo and Johnny xxx
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    To Dino Happy Birthday We hope you have a wonderful day, We hope you have loads of cards and prezzies. All Our Love Dawn & Paul. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Ps sorry I till can't do the nice pictures you and Flo do, so here's a song from my two favourites. https://youtu.be/BKYJMOA_u1s PPs speak soon. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    That explains my life to the last word i love that video
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    Lol Dino thanks for the warm welcome back. Me old China
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    R thank u Dino don't no if you remember me from ages ago in this chat room. Hope your doing well . Lamps
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    Check the Themes at the bottom the phobia one is still pink lilac or pink lol
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    Yep can relate. I personally believe my own agoraphobia is that anticipatory fear that I often too much accept as Truth rather than just fear.
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    Feel free to delete this post if you think it will go against the site but I've about had enough.. of a lot of things. I'm tired of too many ppl here seeming to be "fair weather friends" and only willing to talk to me when I have something positive or helpful to say to them, even if its faked, which I do often and yes i get many appreciative people telling me how much I've helped them or at least they appreciated my empathy of their situation. But I come into chat needing someone to talk real with and it's happened one too many times when i get talked over and talked around by people that would rather talk about coats or other such bs talk and I get left alone and soon forgotten about because I'm not appealing to them and being "nice". Since when did this become a place of requiring being nice and having to down right beg for someone to get support? And truly, I do understand there are many here with their own struggles and are having a hard time being able to help themselves, much less anyone else. I get like that myself sometimes (believe it or not). But there are often many in chat that are just typing away about this and that with so much random off topic convo that it becomes futile for anyone to try and break into it with their more serious needs. It's those people that I'm addressing here. You wanna stay in main room, then you have to be willing to STOP all the random talk if someone starts talking about something serious. period. And don't move onto other or more off topic convo till ur sure they are ok or being taken care of. And I'm not just talking of myself here, I've seen it time and time again with others, new and established and OPs alike. It's been suggested to me..by a few.. that I or the person in need has to be more assertive, be more persistent about it. But I ask you this: When you are feeling your worst, feeling a lot of anxiety/depression, etc... how assertive are you able to be and just how much energy do you have for putting into the amount of persistence required here? I make suggestions for how to remedy this... that either get ignored or turns into an argument. I try to fight for those that come in for support and get ignored, then I get blasted for it, being told I need to lighten up or that I don't understand people's needs to "lighten up" and not talk serious all the time. I get told that if I myself see a person needing to talk serious I should just take them into PM and talk to them, and why stop the whole room for it. On and on it goes. Lately I've basically quit making attempts (much to everyone's delight I'm sure) and I just go hide out in trivia room with my own contempt of the whole situation and my own need to talk for myself quietly stuffed back into my own head. Currently the talk in main is about star wars and various papers written while in college..before that it was weight loss. Do i dare break into that and see if anyone needs to talk or needs support and risk yet again being blasted or someone taking personal offense and guilty like they've just been scolded and sent to their room (when all i ever do is tell people to go to lounge with it, NEVER telling them to just stop talking!!!) Yeh I'm going through a lot myself right now in my own head, my own life... more than probably your average person could tolerate living with, but it seems in this chat, I guess because of my many words of wisdom and help to others, I'm not seen as someone that has real issues, real struggles, real conflicts and I should be able to just manage since I seem to know so much about this stuff and how to deal with it. My words of my own struggles in chat don't seem to be taken with any real interest or thought.... simply put, nobody knows what to say to me or any real advise. And I can accept that. I'm not here for advise. I already know what I need to do and how I need to do it. But simply some words of encouragement and support from more than the small handful of people here that do would be nice. But to try and reach out in here and be talked over with "lighter conversation" is just a slap in the face. I guess until it happens to you, you can't really appreciate what I'm saying here and are probably (if you've bothered to read this far) getting pretty angry and thinking some pretty hateful things about me right now for "whining" about this or not just "getting over it already". No, really I'm fine with that. The whole "until you've walked a mile in my shoes...." thing. I get that. Not trying to force anyone to do anything... not anymore, anyway. I just see this as a trend here. The whole "precedence" rule being posted and continued on, and yet little if any enforcement, especially for those deemed "one's to know better and seem to already have all the answers" anyway. Anyhow... ending this here because I don't want it to be seen as yet another endless rant from me, and therefore since it's a "rant" it means it's a temporary thing, ya know.. just me being moody and "in a bad mood" right now.... so just give me time and "it will pass", and we can all go back to business as usual. Or maybe this is just me on a rant and will soon pass and I'm "just being silly" here and should just "let it go" and "not be so serious". As I said, delete this whole thing dino or whoever if I'm out of line here. But at least then i'll know how it's gonna be here, one way or the other. LLaura
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    got it thanks Admin this is easier than other way