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  1. LLaura

    Chat room... current state as it's been

    Hi Teresa This post I wrote 5 years ago. The chat room now is nothing like it was then and is now a very good place to talk with people with similar issues without judgement, criticism or hassles. I'd urge you to reconsider and give it a try. Don't worry about being irritating as all that was tied into other issues at the time. All we insist upon is respecting the other chatters as we try and keep it a safe place for everyone.
  2. I second all the above. Jenni was great to talk with as I really liked her down to earth way. She didnt mince words and we didnt always agree, but we understood and it was ok. xxxxxxxxxx Jenni xxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. LLaura


    Hey minkey Jen, welcome to the forum. Glad u made it!
  4. OK... nevermind, got it sorted. There is nothing to get accepted. the person just hits the "Like" button. thanks LLaura
  5. OK, thought there were two people waiting for forum access. oh well. But facebook they need to be accepted as "friend" before they can post there. mm was doing that, but as i said her puter is down. LLaura
  6. Not sure anymore who is in charge of accepting people for forum registration, but we have a new person in chat that wants access to it and is still waiting to be accepted (been a few days). I'm doing my best to steer people, including the new people we have (yes we have a few) but if they can't get their registration accepted, well I feel their frustration. Also, since mm's computer is down, nobody can get accepted to use the facebook site. Can we get a backup person in charge of that? (dont ask me i'm clueless about how to do that). Thanks! LLaura
  7. LLaura

    My success story

    After months of putting if off, mostly due to fear and the resulting high anxiety, I finally got myself to the gym and work out on the treadmill. Only for half hour, except for last time I could only tolerate 15 min, and only gone twice last week, and again today, but it's a start and hopefully I can maintain it. I really need to lose weight plus I need the added mental health benefits from it. One thing I did that helped push me to go is I seperated my emotional mind about it from the logic and facts. I repeatedly told myself "there is no logical reason why I can't do this". Then i put one foot in front of the other and blocked out all distractions, focused on the goal, didn't think... just blocked out all those negative ramblings going on in my head trying to tell me how wrong it was to do this, and all the endless "what if's". I just got into this state of only focusing on the goal... getting there. the goal of actually staying and working out I didn't think about.. It was all about just getting there, into that room. Then see what happens from there. and what happened, much to my surprise, was that I stayed and worked out on the treadmill for half hour. Good surprises can arise from pushing our way past all the scary thoughts and into the facts of " this can be done". LLaura
  8. LLaura

    Forum post's

    I think i'll start pushing the forum more in chat. seems ppl, regulars, have either forgotten about it or just don't use it. LLaura
  9. LLaura

    Forum post's

    I check on here occasionally but don't see much activity. But i'm saying "hello xxxx" to any and all. LLaura
  10. In five days... the day after thanksgiving, will be one year for me. and what a year it's been.
  11. Just hold on.... to something, anything. I tend to hold onto my pillow during these times, something tangible. hold on... and pray. I'm not at all religious, but during such times I pray ... to the universe... to just get me though, help me get through another day, another hour... just get me through this. And this will pass, just as it has in the past, so will it now. believe and hold on, cheery. xxxx LL
  12. Hey all, been thinking about the chat room lately, how it seems to be the road less traveled. Lots of quiet time followed by intermittent periods of activity...round and round. I blame facebook! hehe.... well ok, not completley, but I do think that may have contributed in its own way to the lack of chat room traffic as people seem to prefer that method of communication, pictures, et al. Also I think that due to us not having the constant flow of new people, we've all become rather accustomed to each other and frankly have run out of things to discuss, topic-wise. And even the off-topic convo can only go on so long. So bottom line is.... we need new people again (as irritating as some of them were, you must admit there kept the place "lively"). How can we do this, you ask? Advertise! Where ever you can think of on whatever website or forum or community that deems appropriate put the word out that WE ARE HERE. Link people to the site, and the more people that actually click that link, the more it will come up on search engines like google, etc.... then the new people will start coming in and once again we can be the chat room that we want, like, need and support! So yeh... that's my fifty cents. Any other thoughts and suggestions toss 'em out here. We ALSO need to get the forum more active as well, so if you have itchy fingers that need to express themselves.... THIS is the place to do it... OUR forum. Peace. LL
  13. Hey allen, sorry i know I'm late in responding here (tryin to get caught up here)... but you do what you know is right for you. I beleive within us all deep down we know what we need to improve ourselves and our lives. Its "just" a matter of digging down and actually doing it! That's the hard part. Sounds like you're at that place and I wish you the best with it. Keep in touch when/as you can xxxxx LL
  14. Hey dino, I'm still around. But I've just found myself rather wordless lately, both here and in chat. I dunno, just going thru some stuff I guess and not knowing just how to put it into words, really. thx for the nudge tho , hope you get well enough soon. LL