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  1. massagemom

    Taking a Break

    if you get this message this morning its 503 am your time.. sorry I missed you in chat.. let me at least give you mm's pearls of wisdom and some hugs.. you can pm me through the forum .. so please stay in touch.. xox with all my heart hon.. MM
  2. thanks dino /me howls at moon love ya xox
  3. massagemom

    For LLaura

    you be bloggin good luck at appt.. mm
  4. massagemom

    cant go on

    hugs dino I have to agree with your uncle hon.. I know you WANT to be there.. but I know to well the pain it causes us seeing people in such a state.. Remember Uncle as he was in his prime.. I am sure he IS a great man.. keep those thoughts in your heart and know he will soon be at peace. You have had your share of grief lately.. the mind has a funny way of protecting us.. if you are stuck.. thats probably where you need to be.. Your heart will heal hon.. Can you share some stories with us about your uncle?.. Sorry about your mom as well. not sure whats going on.. but will send well wishes for her as well.. as for the chocolates.. he can't eat them hon.. my suggestion is.. every time you have a story to tell us.. Toast him with a chocolate.. I believe that would make him happier.. love you bunches.. xox
  5. massagemom

    Rhyme or Reason?

    very profound words.. I am sure many feel like that.. At least you can express your feelings.. That is SO IMPORTANT.. there are always goin to be setbacks.. but you really need to stop and recognize how far you have come MENTALLY I know you are doin better now..and glad to see it. Life is a rollercoaster.. got to hang on for the ride. and know... this to shall pass xox MM
  6. massagemom

    Grateful Thread

    I am grateful for all those that have helped me here.. and finding this site.. ((and all the wonderful people here) I am grateful chat is getting back on the board and we now have radio again
  7. Posted on Facebook page as well. MM
  8. massagemom

    Phobic Radio

    I broke the radio sorry bout that.. just gonna have to chunk links for now.. Unless you wanna spend the money to fix it.. MM
  9. just saw this so Happy Belated Birthday!!!
  10. xox cheery hope you enjoy weekend LIFTS your mood.. mm
  11. sorry you been going through a difficult time cheerygirl.. I know you have been for a while. I know I also haven't been around as much but you know I see it and feel it.. I do hope you seek out help with your feelings.. wherever it may be.. it is a hard topic for people and you have done well, in my opinion, to stay within the rule guidelines. Do whatever it takes to get the help you need.. as hard as it may be there is help out there somewhere.. even if you got to hang on by your fingernails.. look how far Llaura has come.. so proud of her.. and Allen such a sweet soul.. wish I could change the world and "fix" everybody.. myself included. but for now.. its just one box at a time.. xox mm
  12. massagemom


    there is your answer Kuno xox
  13. you're change of address card mustve got lost in the mail.. sorry about that.. welcome back mm
  14. thinking of you and praying for you hon... (( and Lee)) xox mm