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  1. ahhhhhhhh I need the chat! So bad, holy cow, so bad. But when I click on the link there's just another link that says "download java". So I click it, download java supposedly, and yet still when I try to get into the room all it says is "download java" still. If I try to download it again, it says "java already downloaded." Help!!! I was well for a while, but I'm spiraling down. This room literally saved me. I need it again! And the stupid computer won't let me in!!! (I'd also like to add I know nothing about computers, so if there's anything I can do, please babystep me through it.)
  2. Holy cow harpies, what happened? I go to chat one day and it's all weird and corporate, and it was HORRIBLE! Don't ever leave again without telling me! I missed you guys so much. Thanks so much to Jakes for sending me the link to this chat. I kept trying to give old chat a chance, but it was so different and uninviting. I'm so glad you guys are still around!!! Gwen