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  1. I failed to enter chat.....maybe I need to look into this
  2. well that is a little obsessive ninja girl but those little critters are creepy. You have to clean anyways so that was a good reason....don't worry bout the lamp he'll laugh it off. We use electonic plug-ins to keep buggys away. they actually work
  3. WB sunny....we're real good hiders....missed ya ....luv ya....Pog
  4. mm may be crazy but her advice is good, you need to be pro-active in ur care dino. Only you know what you need. ....luv ya.....Pog
  5. Pog


    Hi Mentalist Glad you've come back to chat and welcome to the forum
  6. Great clip dino......very funny even if hard to follow at times ......Luv Ya All.....Pog
  7. I'm Billy Bob Duke, dang it related to dino.....wait I guess that doesn't matter
  8. Tnx for posting Kuno...interesting list. If it were a test I'd be failing miserably, maybe I'll blog on that. Though I suffer from depression I'm not OCD so I won't mention there was only 9 entries on the list of 10 things to remember....I'm sure I'm not doing #10 anyways. .....luv ya all....Pog
  9. Hi LL Sounds like ur doing real good. Glad ur moving next week, hope that goes well, and hope you have access to us, we all miss you. Very proud of you for how you handled all this.....so glad ur feeling better. Radio in chat has been a pain to work so there is a new rule, when anyone logs in they have to bring me a song....I'm sure you have one in ur pocket. .....luv ya.....Pog
  10. Hi LLaura Sure do miss you but if things are being worked out it's worth the wait, Have they made any progress on where you'll be moving to. I super proud of what you have done and are continuing to do. Hope they are giving some activities to do to kill time, I got to make some moccassins and stained glass wind chimes and a bunch of other stuff but don't expect you'll be a guest as long as I was. Just try to enjoy those happy moments when you can. They become contagious and the begginning of ur new life. My play list has become so populated by ur songs that you're never long out uf my mind.But what I want is the real deal....Get Well Soon .........Love You .....Pog
  11. Pog

    All about me

    Hi Caz I too would like to congradulate you on opening up and sharing your story with the the rest of us, Also I'd like to mention the blog section as did Kuno, not saying it's necassarry for you to right one but it may be worth your time to go in and read what some of us have written about ourselves so that you have a better feeling about what you can safely say. I've revealed things already that I'd thought would be best kept secret and not only found relief from clearing my head but got a wonderful added bonus of support and encouragement from my friends here at Phobics, Just take it at ur own speed ,post when you want Or not, but either way don't forget were here to help you. .....luv ya....Pog
  12. ....Funny stuff dino....the only problem for me is I like the blue ones best
  13. Pog


    Hi zombie-kitty....welcome to forum
  14. Pog

    Taking a break from Chat

    Hi Kuno I miss you already but at least I know how to message you. Take care of urself and hope you feel better. ....luv ya.....Pog
  15. Pog

    Tips to Cope with Depression

    Tnx Kuno ....The volunteer stuff has helped me a lot. In Calif. I helped with adult day care (alzheimer mainly) and helped at the food bank (mostly paperwork to get them started). Both made me feel better about myself and in turn those around me. The folks who had to come to food bank were really great, usually sad about asking for help but quick to give it in return. At adult day care there smiles and laughs were the greatest reward, bless there souls. Anyways ur right on with this post, depression is a bummer but there are ways of dealing with it. Not doing anything here yet but will when spring comes and the snow leaves. .....Luv Ya All.....Pog