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    Arachnophobia -how bad is yours?

    Hey bud, I feel your pain. I'm 23 years old and I feel as if our situations are similar to an extent. let me first explain as to how I believe I became afraid of spiders. I was around the age of 13-14 somewhere around there. I had gotten home from school and would always get into my house by going through my garage. well, one day I got home and I saw a spider about the size of a nickel that was carrying some sort of sack on its back, at the time not realizing it was probably a nest... so being the kid i was at the time i stepped on the spider, but only about really stepped on half of it... and to my surprise the little "nest" broke open and it looked like thousands of baby spiders started running everywhere. many of them running into the insides of my shoes, i panicked and quickly kicked my shoes off, but the damaged had been done... the next morning i woke up with about 40-50 tiny little red bumps on my feet stretching up to the top of my ankles. Since that day my fear of spiders has severely progressed, now some 10 years later its unbelievable the terror i feel when i see spiders, i cant even look at pictures of spiders. and those very unfortunate times where i notice a spider on me i freak out seriously, i panic, start to sweat, and recently have gotten feelings as if i am going to pass out, and start to see stars.... I've read techniques about it being as simple as to just "face your fears" but my fears have become a phobia and that is not even an option to me. any questions? shoot me a message, I'd be glad to help in anyway I can. ~ Kyle