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  1. Dino, did you ever try looking at tv static, sound off, after you had completed withdrawal and just had your normal anxioius, panic state? Thanks, If you try it again, can you be not nearer than five feet of the tv set with all parts of your body, even your feet. It works best if not being radiated by an electronic at the time , at least for other things, not sure about panic. So turn off cell or mobile phones too and take watch and rings off if possible too, Dont know for sure it this will improve results or if just not being in withdrawal will make this work.but thats what the one lady did who I watched recover completely in 3 minutes. Thanks, STeve Lord
  2. Dino did you ever stare at tv snow , sound off for at least 3 minutes when you had a non withdrawal from a drug panic attack?]
    Thanks Steve Lord
  3. Did anyone else try this, someone with the usual panic attack, not one whose was due to withdrawal from an antianxiety drug? Thanks, STeve Lord
  4. THanks Dino. I am curious as to what it does to your anxiety or your panic once your withdrawal subsides. Steve Lord
  5. Thanks Dino.Im surprised Well all I can think of , in that it didnt even make a dent in your panic,in that it was so effective in the other two, that maybe being in withdrawal from lorazepam blocks one from producing the theta brainwaves that evidently are necessary for this to work. Thanks, Dino. Steve Lord
  6. Thanks Flo. I see what you mean, I just read the link, didnt see it before, withdrawal from lorazepam cais a prescriptionused panic attack or anxiety would certainly not be aborted for long , if at all because of that cause always being present and possibly non quashable. BUt Id still be interested Dino in , if you dont mind, having you answer those questions I asked, especially what happened to the panic attack during the snow , and how long did you try it. ALso Dina would you mind trying it again after you get rid of the withdrawal symptoms.Thanks Steve Lord
  7. But Dino,Im still not calling your test a failure yet because you are still not telling me what happened to the panic attack DURING the time you looked at the snow? Also how long did you look at it and was the sound off?` Did you notice any calming effect from the snow? How old is your tv set? And finally were you exposed to any other electronic devices in the room and do you smoke? Thanks Dino, Steve Lord
  8. Thanks, Flo. Dino,thanks, at the time you tried the snow, were you experiencing symptoms, and if so what happened to them during the? staring ? ALso what problem are you trying to eradicate? I would not expect this to PERMANENTLY cure a long standing PHOBIA, , but I would expect it to eradicate a panic attack
  9. Dino posts Seriously tonight at bedtime my old telly shall be on with me trying out your method above and i shall report back to you tomorrow if i relaxed or went blind " Dino no worries, only about if a third of all users go blind. Dteve Lord
  10. Woohoo, Dino, I love you. You are like me, trial and error until something clicks. Steve Lord
  11. My friend was having what amounted to a panic attack. Staring at white noise, perfectly random tv snow or static puts me in what is a dead ringer for the antianxiety , calming theta brainwave state so I asked her to try it. In 3 minutes i watcher her attack totally disappear and she reported total calm. To get the random static, one must have a tv pre 2005, called analogue, It may say that on the back.Take the cable off and turn the set to a non broadcast channel displaying only black dots jumping around on a white background, so called tv snow or static. Newer than that, which are digital, digital tv's dont display tv snow , instead display a blue screen,when turned to a non broadcast channel, or even if the blue screen can be defeated the snow is not random, same for the internet which is digital also. I turn the sound down all the way as its disturbing and merely look at the static, the so called snow. The effect is so profound on anxiety and calming that it will be obvious to anyone in seconds.. Also works that fast on totally aborting the manic phase of my neighbors mania with no resulting depression. Other ways of creating so called white noise do not work, they are not random. I have reason to believe that it works because it puts one in the theta brainwave state, a hightly valued and strived for healing and relaxing state which is also attained via hypnosis or swimming (hearing the sound) dolphins make. Please post your experience should you try it.. I had another friend just try this method and she said she tried looking at the tv snow for 2 to 3 minutes with the sound off on her analogue tv set and she sent me this note about her results. "um I have panic anxiety anger heartache the whole kit and kaboodle it reduced it dramatically, all of it" She added that it made her feel "peaceful" She said it did come back partly and so she looked at the snow again for even less than two minutes and that eliminated the problems for good and she was feeling good the entire rest of the day. If it comes back today Im sure she will look at the snow again.She was going nuts and suffering in the extreme until she tried this method. The first friend above did not have her suffering come back. Steve Lord