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  1. Huntress

    Fear if pretty much everything

    I hope that you are feeling better. @>----
  2. Huntress

    Fear if pretty much everything

    Thank you, Flo. It is really relieving to know that I am not alone in this. I really appreciate the warm welcomes. I am not currently on official meds, but I am going to seek help as this latest phobia is unmanageable. I love to eat, and it slays me that I'm all of a sudden afraid to indulge in one of my favorite past times! I'm sure it's because I am in a time of high stress, but I am long overdue for a visit w/ a professional. I will let you guys know how it goes. When is the chat room most active? I was on the other day, but no one seemed to be around. Thanks again for the support.
  3. Huntress

    When "life" continues to re-traumatize you

    I haven't finished the book, but I remember clearly in Judith Herman's Trauma and Recovery (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judith_Lewis_Herman), she states that it is an after effect of trauma. People who live with PTSD often relive those events in their own lives. I think both the "comfort" and also the "recreation of events" theories are both plausible. Though it does take a lot of work for people like us to understand our fear, our "inexplicable" reactions to menial events and our emotional states, I don't think it's okay to postulate on real PTSD symptoms as a system of excuse. It's really not acceptable to keep blaming victims for their trauma. People with PTSD have to be STRONG. That is what is required of us. Everyday. No breaks. To say that a person is experiencing psychological trauma b/c they choose to is a load of horse $hit. Sorry, but I don't blame my circumstances on anything other than ME. That is the difference between someone who is using excuses and someone who is taking responsibility. I embody STRENGTH.
  4. Hi. The reason I am here is because you have a bit about monophobia. I am agoraphobic, I know that much. I had my first panic attack around 4 years ago. I was so frightened that I dialed 911, and now owe a hefty bill. I have PTSD, general anxiety and a touch of social anxiety. I am very hyper-vigilant. I have been for a long time. I always note and obsess over every thing that could go wrong. I know that I annoy everyone who is close to me with my paranoia. What brought me here is my recent bouts w/ monophobia (maybe?). I've never really feared being alone until the past few weeks, as I am experiencing a lot of stress. I have many phobias. But, the most recent to surface has really got me pissed off. All of these are not fear of being alone, but I find it a lot easier to accomplish everyday tasks when I am not alone. I fear taking a shower, as I may slip, or lose balance. I fear driving. I fear eating, because I might choke. They are valid fears, as with the losing balance and driving, I have Meinere's. But beyond that, I am living my life in fear. One of the roots of my PTSD involves being forcibly restricted from oxygen. . That would explain my fear of choking. Yet it's been so many years since I was ever even traumatized, and it's showing up now!! Of course I am in a very stressful situation at the time being, so I guess it might trigger it. But I've never been so hypersensitive to the "being alone" thing before. I hope that having a community that understands will help.