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  1. Just popping by to say hello all ? ? Hope everyone's doing well
  2. Thank you all :)x sorry for late reply was having problems loging in
  3. Happy Belated Birthday Dino hope you had a great day molly xx
  4. Congratulations to james on his win, and to you dino as well for nomenating him winning out of all those entries xx
  5. molly-m


    Thank you dino & Flo good to be back i've been hovering around some dodgey sites looking for where you all had gone but got here in the end only took me few hours to register kept giving the wrong answer to the challenge question,i've had a little scoot about the forum and thanks dino just seen some games to play so off i go to play bubble shoot xx
  6. molly-m


    Hi, i'm molly-m a newbie but a oldie.. i have panic attacks/agoraphobia/ just wanted to say hello, and thank you Dino got here in the end..lol