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  1. david

    Talk some hope into me

    I appreciate the kind words but nevermind this whole thing
  2. david

    Taking forum suggestions?

    Sure, i was reffering to the threads "mws - PLEASE READ" and "For LLaura". Those could not be any more On-Topic and seems sorta odd theyre in the Off-Topic section but i think there needs to be another section added to the forum...maybe a Serious/Main/General Discussion or something of that nature. Or could just change the name of the Forum section and put serious discussions there. Just my observation..
  3. david

    Taking forum suggestions?

    some topics in the Off-Topic don't really belong in the Off-Topic section...
  4. Llaura i hope you feel better soon and things get better for you. Glad to hear youre getting help *hugs*
  5. My thoughts go out to mws' family and friends
  6. david


    Hey guys, i like the new forum it looks stylish and sophisticated this is probably more information than youll ever want to know but FYI my name comes from that old simpsons episode where the barbie dolls like "dont mind me, im just a girl! hehe" or something like that.....one of those sticky memory things you dont forget. (imdavid)
  7. david

    Just a thought....

    Yeah, ive seen a few people who said it was their first time in chat. Though you do make a great point...there was alot more new people in the old chat.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_9AkfxNtsc