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  1. Testing A photo i took when out with my support worker
  2. Hi molly My apologies for not replying sooner i couldn't post for some reason - Hope you are well x!
  3. Thank you Dawn and Paul Sorry i just seen this but it is on the 30th he is the big 30 :) x!
  4. Thank you so much dawn and paul X!
  5. dino

    How wobbly are your legs

    hi Erin A huge welcome to phobia support my legs are so wobbly I need to have either crutches or something and someone to hold onto Like you I to have had ongoing cbt over 14 year's or more all unfortunately to no avail I also have the woobly legs indoors I only ever go out once a week with my support worker and the four steps away from my front door to her car I look drunk ? Again welcome and always know you are not alone Dino x
  6. I'm so sorry for your loss Paul - my sincerest condolences to you all xXx