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  1. Thank you so much dawn and paul X!
  2. dino

    How wobbly are your legs

    hi Erin A huge welcome to phobia support my legs are so wobbly I need to have either crutches or something and someone to hold onto Like you I to have had ongoing cbt over 14 year's or more all unfortunately to no avail I also have the woobly legs indoors I only ever go out once a week with my support worker and the four steps away from my front door to her car I look drunk ? Again welcome and always know you are not alone Dino x
  3. I'm so sorry for your loss Paul - my sincerest condolences to you all xXx
  4. Dawn and Paul for our Anniversary wishes love dino and James xXx
  5. Thank you so much Dawn and Paul We hope you are both well love Dino and James xXx
  6. Thank you so much Dawn and Paul I hope you are both well love Dino xXx
  7. dino

    Panic or anxiety ?

    Hiya Bride Firstly a huge welcome to phobia support - I am also sorry to read about your problems above - I myself trembling heart palpitations and noise sensitivity i use ear plugs a lot - also a good idea to talk to your doctor and i wish you well I myself suffer from severe agoraphobia ,anxiety and panic - there is also a chat room where you can also get more support The link for this is here Here is the link for our chat room please find rules under chat section posted by admin thank you http://phobiasupport.com Again a huge love dino xXx