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Enjoy life

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  1. Enjoy life

    Hello everyone

    Hi dino, I am doing CBT for my hypochondria. It is really making a difference, but it is still going to be a long road. I am also on 25mg of Zoloft (a really low dose). It is helping me feel less anxious, but new studies are showing OCD is a brain abnormality and medication won't correct it. What at have you done that has helped you? Have you ever tried ERP therapy (Exposure Response Prevention)?
  2. Enjoy life

    I hate my phobia!!!

    I feel for you. I panic like that from my hypochondria. I used to fear spiders. What helped me was that I learned about them, and which ones were poisonous. The daddy long leg (common in homes) is gentle and not poisonous to humans. They help keep the bugs out if the home The black widows are ones to avoid. And brown recluse. I would advise kill those
  3. I am new to this chat room. I am so happy that I found this site. I have been suffering from OCD since childhood, and 6 years back I developed hypochondria after a traumatic event. I'd like to get to know everyone on here