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Everything posted by Libby

  1. Libby

    Hello again

    Hi Flo Seems like you have it colder than us here in England. It must be nice (understatement) to get out and work for a while,I wish I could go back to work! I think I used to go in the chat room when you first joined, not been there for about 9 years. We did used to have a laugh sometimes which was good and relieves tension. Was funny in voice chat listening to peeps accents Thanks for the chat room link. Roll on summer Hate this cold weather. Love Libby xoxox
  2. Hello everyone (and Dino) LOL Not been here for a while. Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous new year Love Libby ❤?❤
  3. Libby

    Hello again

    I bet that Dino does scare peeps away lmfao I wonder how JK and Dawn are these days? Do you go in the chatroom? Is there a chatroom to go into?......questions questions questions lol It's cold here in Sunny Suffolk! I think it's gonna get milder in a few days. Where abouts are you in US flo? Have a good eveving. Libby xoxoxox
  4. Libby

    Hello again

    Thanks again. I see that you two are the only posters. Where is everyone? I wonder what happened to the peeps that used to be here about 10 years ago? I think it's been nearly that long since I was here. Time goes so fast!
  5. Libby

    Hello again

    Thank you Diane and Flo for lovely replies. I hope you are well um and behaving yourselves too lol.