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Everything posted by Vickiwells123

  1. Vickiwells123


    Is anyone on here to talk too
  2. Vickiwells123


    I am a single mum who has on meds as long as I has my firstborn 23 years ago . I fell very messed up cause I have no spleen and when I ger ill I get very depressed. Ive cut myself completly since ny gp put me on Mertazapine intop off other drugs. Im a complete mess. Is anyone her I can chat too please
  3. Vickiwells123

    Insecurity, Paranoia: side effects of Depression?

    Hi hun can I say that I find this. You say you feel it the more you become depressed. I get those feelings when im poorly . I think your feelings come through more. If you havnt already havnt done so I would speak to your doctor as you may not be on the correct anti depressant. Write your feelings down and try to keep a diary to explain how yoy feel. I am going through simular thibgs at present so I no how you feel .
  4. Vickiwells123


    Is anyone on here I can talk too