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  1. I hope what I type is legible, im on mobile right now. Kinda happy i found this place, i see it as almost a last resort honestly. (No offence) I dont like spilling my feelings to my friends as i feel it gets them down and i turn into a burden. So maybe this will be a nice change of pace. I have a few phobias, agoraphobia, shool phobia (now referred to as school refusal), and apeirophobia (fear of infinity), and driving phobia. I can almost handle agoraphobia and apeirophobia i have mostly overcome but its school phobia thats taken over my life. Its gotten so bad that im now in a program for a GED and i still cant get to school. I stay at home depressed. Im sure what i have doesnt compare to anyone else. Im having a hard time thinking about what to say, i keep thinking im gonna come off as someone who shouldnt be here or as some idiot. So i'll stop here. Have a good day.