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  1. Wow - I went down the threads to see the different "rooms" to post in - when I got to the bottom - and saw the phobias - fear of water - CHECK, fear of dogs - CHECK, fear of cats - CHECK, fear of bridges - CHECK, fear of thunder and lightning - CHECK --lets add in elevators, embankments, highways, driving -- I think I have found a home. I was in another anxiety forum at "about.com" but it shut down about a year ago. I have had anxiety, panic attacks - I have PTSD, some agoraphobia, I have intrusive thoughts with OCD, since I was 21 - now I am age 53 -- so its been a long life of being afraid. Recently, very recently, my husband has been diagnosed with Cancer - in his tonsils, lymph node. he has had surgery and is getting ready for chemo and radiation. I am so afraid of small talk - and now I am the one making phone calls, talking to doctors, nurses, etc. which is very hard to do - but I am doing it - because of course, I have to do this for my husband. I have an adult daughter and two grandchildren - my daughter has anxiety and my granddaughter has a generalized anxiety disorder too - she is only age ten. Anxiety disorders really run in my family,,,,mother had it, I remember an aunt with it. right now my stomach is bothering me - I am guessing it is all the stress with my husband being ill - my husband does the driving, takes care of the house - trash, lawn, snow - you know - the "guy stuff" so I depend on him a lot - and he is very good about my anxiety - very good about it. I work from home - for 14 years now, which works very well for me. I know the other newest member - xmascarol - from our previous forum - and she and I have stayed in touch thru emails - lots of emails every single day --- she is my one and only friend - and a great support to me.
  2. mrsellen

    Seasonal Agoraphobia

    Hi carol, The time change always affects me - getting dark early makes me so uneasy. I love the beginning of July when it is light outside till about 8:30 at night. When it is dark at 5:00 in the afternoon - forget it. Thank God for Christmas with the lights outside the house, candles in the windows and the Christmas tree to brighten things up. I believe it affects me because of my fear of the night and the dark. And Dino -- I am so sorry about your son being so ill and of all the anxiety, agoraphobia you have. Being in a car is very hard for me - I work from home, and my husband takes me where I need to go - but I am still very anxious about being in the car. I am happiest right at home. I dont leave the house too often, I can go about two miles from my house comfortably - then it is very hard for me. My husband has recently be diagnosed with Cancer - so I am going with him to Cancer Center which is like ten miles away....very hard to do - but I HAVE to do it. I take a xanex before I go - and I am also on Celexa daily for my anxiety, I too have PTSD, some agoraphobia.
  3. I think a lot of people have their disability used against them. I work at home now - have for years. When I worked in an office, the manager used to roll her eyes at my anxiety, phobias about stuff and try to get me to do stuff that she knew I could not do. I was so glad I was able to take a lay off .......over 14 years ago now. I have also been called "crazy" by members of my family - but that was also years ago - I freed myself from them. I dont think I could work outside the home again, not after being home for so many years now.
  4. Hi Carol , you are not useless to me - that is for sure -- there are some days that I depend a lot on your to get me thru the day... ugh - tonight my stomach is still bothering me....it has got to be the stress. ellen
  5. mrsellen


    Hi Carol - I just joined this site....love your beach picture.