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  1. Teresa

    Chat room... current state as it's been

    Well I am new here and have not been in chat room. If fact I was wondering just how I would fit. It is always hard be the new one trying to make friends. So know that I know I might accidentally be irratiting to someone, I'll pass. Thanks anyway.
  2. Teresa

    About Monophobia

    Carol, I am so sorry to hear about your husband passing. Also hate to hear about your eyesight. I think everyone is afraid to be alone or are afraid they will be left alone. Some people seem to be worse than others. You are very lucky in that you have a nice friend that will come and spend time with you. That show that you have someone that maybe is just a phone call away. Always glad to listen. Take care of yourself my friend.
  3. Teresa

    About Monophobia

    Dino, thanks so much for the sweet welcome. I can' wait or talk to other people that have this. My first appoiment is tomorrow. Not really nervous, kind of excited.
  4. Teresa

    About Monophobia

    I just realized I have this. I had never heard of it. But I knew I could do anything with certain people and did not know why. This blows me away.