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  1. Denv12

    Where are the newbies?

    There isnt a place for us newbies to introduce ourselves. I noticed that when I joined. The people who run this forum should include that place here so newbies can post after they join. Here's my intro. Hi. I just joined here. I'm an Australian guy who is agoraphobic.I have chronic fatigue syndrome that is severe and it keeps me at home.I've been housebound since the year 2000.I have mild OCD. You're welcome to compare notes.
  2. Hi. I just joined the forum today. I am housebound over the years because of chronic fatigue syndrome is severe. I do get outside to walk around I just dont stick around the premisis. This agoraphobia deprives me of a social life. I do have volunteers who visit at times so at least I have a visitor to chat with and I'm in various forums for hobbies,interests and health. I'm also recovering from O.C.D. I look after myself everyday so at least I'm better off.There are 2 things I use each day: 1)Acupressure. As simple as rubbing pressure points.I have books on Acupressure and there are a few good websites that show you what to do no matter what problems you've got. 2)"Faster E.F.T.". Short for Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations. Been using that since April last year.There's plenty of info out on it and even 1 book has been written. Trying to keep occupied at home can be a pain. I read a lot,participate in online forums,and I try to keep busy.I collect things so that can be good therapy too.Bored and frustrated. I figured that as long as I'm home and I've got time I may as read self help books. Acupressure,Kinesiology books are of interest to me. Anything I need to learn and relearn too. You're welcome to compare notes.