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  1. MEG

    Telling your story

    Hello, I am new here. I'm not sure about photographs, that would require some thought, but I am open to share my story with you. I've not shared it with anyone yet and was told it would help to talk about it. I am new to this support site, I was not aware there was such a thing as on-line support. If you are still interviewing people, let me know. Thank you, MEG
  2. MEG

    PTSD and Flashbacks

    Hello Kuno, I'm sorry I can't be much help to you, this is my first day on this site. Looking to find some help. What you described, it brings tears to my eyes ... we're not alone. My God another feels the same things. Thank you for sharing. I wish you all the best and I wish I had some suggestions. Brightest Blessings to you, MEG