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  1. To Admin. I am clicking on my own blog & clicking on read full entry. I'm sorry to say I'm still not seeing the Option to edit my blog. I have edited it before. In trying to figure this out, is there possibly something that I changed that I shouldn't have and that may be the reason my option to edit is not showing up? Can you please help me with this. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Debbie W
  2. Thanks Kunoichi. Then I wasn't doing anything wrong? I don't know why it wasn't showing up either. I know I had edited it before?? Who is the admin. that I send a PM to? Thanks for your help Debbie
  3. Thanks Kunoichi for the attached picture. That was helpful. This is what I'm doing. Going to the forum, signing in & then click on the "Blog" Tab at the top between Calender & Gallery. My Blog is right under Pogs. I'm clicking on Read full entry. I'm still not seeing the option key that was on your attached picture. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks for being so paitent with me. Friends, Debbie
  4. I am not seeing the Option button to edit my blog. I don't see that on anyones blog's I've read. Do I need to change anything for the option button to appear on my blog? Thanks, Debbie
  5. When I go to the forum, how do I find a message I posted on 3/16/2011? When I went there, I only saw page 1, can you tell me how to get to the question I posted? Thanks, Debbie
  6. Hi, I was wondering how I edit my blog. I have done this before & cant change it now. I was told to go to the forum & log in then click on the arrow key and a list will drop down, click on my blog & there will be an option button to edit it. When I click on the arrow it is showing me these: My profile, my settings, my content, messenger & manage friends. When I click on the arrow key, it is not showing me my blog. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks, Debbie