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  1. Achluophobia is a phobia where you are afraid of the dark if you do not know. Well, it is getting worse and worse and I don't know what to do. So, why not just share one of the many bad attacks I have had. Not the worst, but pretty traumatic for me. I have always been afraid of the dark since I was a little little girl. I was able to handle it until about the age of 10. That is when I started to suffer from panic attacks. It got really bad around age 12-13. While in my freshman year of high school, my homeroom teacher (best teacher ever!) unknowingly took us all out for a camping trip! It was fun for the time while the sun was up. I decided to keep quiet, thinking I could handle it. Also, I didn't want to look like a wuss in front of my friends. So, when the sun set, I went into this mode where I felt numb. The weird thing about me being in the dark is that my mind creates images from inanimate objects. For example, a bush looks like some kind of monster to me in the dark. This happens with everything surrounding me including the people. So, I shut my eyes and tried to make the best of it. Didn't work. I start to let out sobs, my friends are confused and still try and comfort me. Then, I look up at them and they look terrifying. Their faces in the dark. It was truly terrifying. So, I started shaking and my eyes widened to a point I could not shut them. Then, I bury my face in my pillow again. Then, I hear my name being called. I turn around to look up and a woman (My friends mother, she was volunteering to come along and help) To everyone else, she looks normal. Me, I swear I saw a woman hanging. I scream and let out sobs. I literally could not move I was so scared. I was screaming at her to get back and such. I feel bad about it now. Hope I wasn't too rude. Anyways, I then make it back to a lodge at the park we were staying at. I could hardly breathe and I would not stop shaking and fidgeting. Finally, I calmed down and my heart beat went down. Life lesson? DON'T TAKE CHERRY CAMPING