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    Panic or anxiety ?

    Hi all, to be honest wasn't too sure which forum to post but here goes my story: I am 57 years of age and I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 11 years ago, so far I continue to live life to my full ability I have now stopped working due to exsessive fatigue, I had phased down to 16 hours a week anyway. Now I know that depression and anxiety are symptoms of PD but somehow I feel these are possibly panic attacks I have sudden onset of palpitations, my whole body feels trembly I feel like bursting out crying become so overwhelmed I can't be doing with loud noise and just want to go away and hide usually to my bed.......last night this occurred while watching the film American sniper which I had seen before but it is a graphic film but at one point I just fell to pieces.......I have just had another episode flicking through my face book and seeing someone had posted a video of a small child being taken away from their parents by social services and I didn't even watch it just the sentance below the video " daddy you will come and find me " just killed me.....I'm getting quite concerned