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    Hi, I've just signed up and my ocd has flared up. I've had OCD since I can remember and am now a mum of 2 (one is only a month old) so I'm feeling pretty stressed [?] Ive always had intrusive thoughts and recently have been reading about magical thinking. I don't believe in magic but being blessed with OCD ( [?] ) I cling to every small possibility and always need 100% evidence. Anyway, when my first child was born, she became the focus of my OCD and for some reason when I was watching a film and the credits came on, I saw someone's second name which was 'coffin' and I thought how strange...if the next name I see is related to my daughter then I'm in trouble...and it was her name!! Then I thought I'll choose another name and it was angel! I literally couldn't believe it and it sent me into horrendous anxiety. This was about 3 years ago and I've learnt to deal with it. I don't believe I've 'cursed' her but still can't believe the coincidence. I swore I wouldn't play this game but of course I did/do and yesterday I was playing mind games and noticed my new babies name on a tv shows credits...it wasn't actually her name but a longer version of her name. I thought for gods sake!! And then thought to myself, if the next person who is mentioned is her name then something bad will happen...and the next show I watched a women called her dog and it was my daughters name...it was a male dog with a different spelling so of course I clung to that and calmed myself down thinking it's a different name but it sounds exactly the same! One minute I think it's totally stupid, total coincidence and I can calm down but the next minute I'm totally panicking and having 2 young kids, I'm really struggling! I know if you look for something enough times, you'll find it, but it is such a coincidence. If anyone has any similar stories or advice, that would be really helpful! Thanks