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  1. doraima29

    What Causes driving phobia

    so far, there's only 2 people on this post. I thought there would a lot of people dealing with this problem. I have a fear of driving, and 5 months ago I wanted to learn to drive so that I can have the freedom to go wherever I want to go especially from home to work. Now, that you have mentioned GAD or general anxiety disorder - maybe it did affect me. I do have thoughts about worrying too much. I have failed 2 driving test here in the United States. But after each experience, I felt I know what I wanted to do, but the anxiety attacks kicks in, and I panicked. Even though I get into the car, when I start the car I get these unsettling thoughts on what is going to happen to me. I get nervous. I have hit 2 cars now by hitting the curb by miscalculating my turns - First, when I am practicing in a parking lot, and the other on my 2nd driver's test. I hope this is the right support group to deal with my phobias about driving.
  2. Hi, I am doraima29 and have a phobia on driving. As I decided last year about 5 months ago, I wanted to drive as I want the freedom to go wherever I want to go, and of course, use this new skill to go from home to work as I relied on public transportation. I have a fear of driving as I get thoughts about getting hit around me, and I believe I am the one who is nervous and getting anxiety attacks while I am at the behind-the-wheel. So I have taken 16 times in the car taking driving lessons from 2 instructors for 3 months on practicing how to drive a car. I have failed on 2 driving test, and I wanted to overcome my phobia on driving.