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  1. im new to this forum so sorry if this was posted in the wrong place but i have a phobia and have been struggling recently but i dont know what it is. basically, its hot air balloons/large spaces in the sky/changes in the sky. im still not 100% sure what triggers it but from what i can tell its things in the sky that aren't supposed to be there, or a change. it started with hot air balloons about 2 years ago and when i see a hot air balloon in the sky i freeze, struggle to breath and cry all out of my control. however its not the fear of transport in the sky as im fine with planes and its not balloons as im fine with all other types of balloon. recently a neighbour cut down a large tree and it exposed a large area of the sky. when i saw this i had the same reaction and have kept curtains closed since. before it started with hot air balloons i had similar experiences but only in dreams. where the sky had strange patterns on or stars were glitching and i felt something similar whilst in the dream and after waking up. i cant explain how it makes me feel but its like an uneasiness and almost like im in a dream. ive looked through many forums but never found a name for it or even anyone eles with this. is there a phobia of irregularity's in the sky? of hot air balloons? plz help