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  1. Hi, im kinda new here. I wanted to join the forum because ive been struggling with a certain fear for as long as i can remember. I've never considered it a phobia, since the trigger seemed oddly specific, but my friend told me i should ask around. I've been wondering if there is a name for the fear ive been feeling. What I fear seems hard to explain, but ill try my best. I'm scared of endless or oddly high things. This will be a bizzarely specific example, but most of the people probably played Minecraft in their lives. I'm terrified of whats under the bedrock. The dark nothingness under the world makes me close my eyes so i dont have to look at it. Also, tar puddles in Minecraft mods are a thing - they look like a compeletly black puddle. It makes me freak out. Same goes for ocean depths and Minecraft world borders. Anything that seems to have no end seems to freak me out more or less. Another thing that i think is really similar is my inexplainable fear of futuristic graphics that include some sort of a tunnel, corridor etc. (A good thing to google as an example is, lets say, "windows tunnel wallpaper"). I'm petrified just looking at the graphics of long tunnels, especially the dark ones. Keep in mind that i am not scared of the dark itself. I wish I could name this fear somehow, but google didnt seem to know what i mean. Does anyone have any ideas what kind of phobia this might be? Thanks in advance!