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  1. jannymoo

    R.I.P Jenni

    So sorry to hear this sad news, she was a wonderful and very helpful lady who will be greatly missed My thoughts are with her and her family Much love to you all XXXXXX
  2. thx dawn and paul xxxx
  3. jannymoo

    For LLaura

    wow, its took me a long time to read all this i didnt have a clue about any of it, it took me a long time to re-register in the forum i was sorta aware in chat that u werent around but i never knew the full extent of why, llaura im totally gob smacked and i take my hat off to ya lady firstly for admitting yourself freely secondly for actually coping with it the best you can and thirdly your an inspiration to us all i give credit were its due and to you my dear i give credit xxx loves jan xx
  4. jannymoo

    For flo

    so sorry for your loss flo loves and hugs to you all xxxx
  5. jannymoo


    missed you all too, yeah its good to be back buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut im a newbie again lol xxx
  6. jannymoo


    it's good to be back in the forum, i got cyber lost on the way had to re-register under jannymoo i'm guessing you all know who iam i've missed this forum glad to be back jan xxxx