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  1. Hi, I've never really delved into forums before for something like this but I'm feeling disturbed and confused by an image I saw. I believe I may have discovered my first phobia and I'm not sure why I feel extreme anxiety over it. The closest thing I could use to describe what I think it may be like is the fear of patterns/disturbing imagery? The thing is I'm no stranger to violent imagery, content, movies, video games, etc. But I came across a certain image involuntarily of a horse's hoof without the cap. I refuse to retrieve and post the image here because I cant stand thinking about or seeing it. If you dont think you'd be disturbed by it yourself it's most likely the first result in Google image search when I looked it up while talking to a friend to give him an idea of what I saw, why it gave me a nightmare, I cant get it out of my head and it disturbs me as much as it is. If anyone could help me understand why I feel how I do and why this is disturbing to the point of not having slept all night, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you