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  1. Glad to have you as a (although) distant friend, hun. As I mentioned to a fellow chatter, nothing lasts forever, and we should appreciate each other while we are here. *love and a tree hug* for you -Ygg
  2. Yggdrasil

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Foxyphil. Another year, another beer (or maybe more)
  3. Yggdrasil

    Encouragement Thread

    Thanks Kunoichi, I've had a rough day - was on a bus trip to Germany including paranoia - so am glad to read your good words.
  4. Yggdrasil

    Happy Birthday

    A happy birthday to you Caz, I hope you have a good day. -Ygg
  5. I hope for your speedy return to us in chat -Ygg
  6. Yggdrasil

    Encouragement Thread

    just one word? Nah you used more than one so I will as well Kunoichi, always remember in bad times that there will be better ones ahead, and remember to treasure the good times in stead of being afraid they wont last. Remember that you have a lot to give to other people, and be aware that you can learn a lot from others too. Life is a constantly moving process and we are part of it. Make all the best of it as possible for you. *Tree hugs* from Yggdrasil
  7. Yggdrasil

    Grateful Thread

    2. Grateful I have the internet as a help to reach other fun and good people.
  8. Hi Kuno Fight or flight, is rooted deeply in our brains as a way for us to handle a rough life, perhaps from the days we had to fight or flee from wildlife. If our brains are somehow disturbed, or in disorder (in lack of a better word), we are triggered in situations that are not life-threatening. If this could become part of our personality, so we want to fight or flee in non-PA situations, I can only answer from my own experience. And it could be you are right, I am very insecure on things, often leave early from the clubhouse because it simply "becomes too much" being there among other people (flight). I'm also nervous about being in a car for instance, afraid it will crash, though it doesn't take the form of a PA, just a general uneasy feeling I have to put aside. I must say, I'm never really confrontational though, I seem to be afraid to be angry, because there might be consequenses I will have to endure afterwards. I am thinking, that the brain is so interconnected that it might be possible you are right, because all of the brain is aware of a PA, and then other parts of the brain could be affected by it - so the whole personality is. How much is affected, and how severely, is probably different from person to person.
  9. Yggdrasil


    Welcome zombie-kitty
  10. Yggdrasil

    Taking a break from Chat

    Hi Kuno I hope it will do you good to take a break from the chat room. Sometimes that is needed to recover, it is of course better to be person-to-person with a therapist than in a support chat room. I hope you will constantly improve and work towards having a good life, and I will check up on this forum nearly daily to see how it is going hugs from Attila the Ygg
  11. Yggdrasil

    Social Phobia in the chatroom

    I don't get it so much in chat, because I am on that everyday, and am in moderated rooms mainly. I go to a WoW chat on QuakeNet as well, and there I am very sensitive, but also somehow I can't help writing something, until now it has been okay, there is even someone in there I like. When I play WoW, I stay by myself, and seing other players I mostly see them as potential harrashers, so I run fast by them lol. But I'm having so much fun playing by myself that the good overweighs the bad. And Kuno, you shouldn't feel bad about being a pleaser, the opposite person of such a one is much worse. It's a difficult character trait to live with, I know, but I think you will get stronger by experience. I've witnessed you stand up for yourself in chat, and that is a good thing, very admirable, and one should be able to do that without having to fight the opponent You are definitely not weird. Its "just" the way your emotions are at present due to your past. *Hugs* from Ygg
  12. Yggdrasil

    Mood Swings From Hell

    Sorry to hear that hun. It's terrible to be in such a state. I take things inwards often as well, due to having been introverted a large part of my life. And have had self harming urges too, but just flashes that I could push aside again, although they left me feeling badly. I think what helps me much is to confide with someone I find comfort talking to and telling them all my thoughts, wording them out makes them more tangible. You also get another point of view of the thoughts, one that you might not have thought of before, and can use for good benefit yourself. Like tuesday at the clubhouse, I went there for first time in 2 weeks and was met by what I thought of snyde remarks by one of the staff. I took that with me and because I am vulnerable, exaggerated and spun tales on it in my mind, which weren't exactly good for me. Next day though, I contacted another staff person, talked with her about it, and after having shared my thoughts, I was able to be in good company with the other staff who I felt had hurt me.
  13. I wish you all a happy New Year, 2011, and hope that it will be one in which you will recover through experience and help, if you are in a position where both are need. I hope for a peaceful, if not outer, then inner, year, without too many troublesome events. Remember, you are all unique and fantastic individuals, even on the days you can't see that you are. With kind Regards, Yggdrasil