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Everything posted by Flo

  1. Thank You Carol ... It is so true , that when u do get together with others who suffer like you , it makes you feel better about yourself ... we all have or have had that feeling of been worthless and alone .. but here u can find out it is a normal feeling for those of us who suffer.. I have been on meds for so many years, and it does control my PTSD to a point , but when triggered.. I have those old horrible feelings again . Never be afraid to talk to others of what you are feeling , you will realize that most of us have same feelings .. so makes u an okay person .. which you are,, u just feel that maybe right now u are still not sure of that . As for not being able to leave the house . I was the same I came through as Agoraphobic in beginning of my illness .. I with the help of my Dr planting ideas for me,, was able to learn that I could go to safe places , what I felt were safe .. first a neighbors .. then to Church , and not always was I able to stay , but I realized that I had the option to leave and if when I got home , had a lot of anxiety , it would pass .. I eventually found my place that brought to me the most healing of all.. the Hospital that I was treated for my onset of my illness, I would go there and sit in waiting rooms and read or pretend to until I was pretty secure in being there, knowing help was not far away ... I am now a Volunteer for many years there , and I really think that with my Faith, and that work of giving to help others has brought me through to where I am now . I know it has been all about me and what I did >> BUT >> just trying to give u ways to get away from the house and the prison it has become for u ... one day at a time reach out there .. if u fail , try again next day .. Always feel that one day u will be able to get to that goal . Sorry so long ... but in order to help u see that I was in that deep dark place once and have overcome it .. I will be on meds for the rest of my life .. I can handle that it works for me .. I wish you best of luck in trying a few things to help .. Love , Flo IN Yourself !!!
  2. Good morning all .... I have not talked to all of u yet , but I am Flo , I suffer from PTSD >> now for 22 yrs .. Welcome to the forum .... I think you will find it helpful , in finding that you are not alone .. dino is one of our Administrators here and was the first one to welcome me way back when I started in room .. 2006 or 2009 .. cannot remember now . She has a wealth of knowledge about this forum and how it is run .. so Let me just say a Huge Welcome to you all.... Flo xx x
  3. Flo

    Hello all

    Hello Achlesdd, ! Welcome, and Happy to hear that you have started CBT . I think it could be a very good way to learn to get over a lot of what you are feeling , I do hope it works for you ..I have PTSD, and suffer from all the phobias and of course anxiety and depression ... so understand what you are feeling .. At the time I had my onset of my PTSD .. it was not really an option, the CBT , and also my insurance did not cover it ... this was 22 yrs ago .. I am on Medication and see my Dr every six months for med maintenance ... I found much help here talking to people who suffer as I did , up until then I thought I was just plain crazy .. but after meeting so many who suffer similar things I was >> I felt so much better about myself .. and realized that none of this was my fault, something we tend to think. Hope to see you back on ! Flo xxx
  4. Flo

    Hi, I am Ellen

    Hello Ellen , I would like to say a Very Big Welcome to you !! I am also very sorry to hear of your Husband's problems with the Cancer .. I do hope that things go well for him... It sounds like you have many phobias , but I too have PTSD, and I learned that with that ,it is normal to have many disorders of all kind . Mine started 22yrs ago .. I am under Drs care still for medication maintenance . It is not easy to suffer from any of these things .. so I hope that you will find the help here.. I did and have made great friends that I have had for 10 yrs now . So yes tell us more about the treatment you are getting . Flo xxx
  5. Annie .... Thinking of You Today , Missing You ,, Our Phobic Room Friend ... Love , Florence xxxx
  6. Good Morning ... !! This is my Favorite video of David Bowie with Mick Jagger >>> they are just having so much fun doing this one .. You can tell they are loving their jobs as performers.. xxx Rest In Peace David .. xxx Love , Flo xxx
  7. Flo

    Hello again

    Hi there Libby !! I am here in New York State , Libby, in the Southern part bordering the state of Pennsylvania .. It is not like the Big City New York , more rural .. and yes ,, It is COLD here also !!! ,, Bitter , with wind that makes it much worse .. There is still a Chat Room , I do not go in anymore , I do some Volunteer work at a local hospital , where I got my help years ago .. I have been doing that for 12yrs now .. I am currently at the front desk , reception area .. so my time is limited to spend on computer . I think this link will help you .. If u click on that New Chat ,, u will get to some info .. Bottom of this post .. LOL >> ,, I do not think Dino would scare anyone away , she was one to keep me in chat all those many years ago .. I thought I was too old to be there ,??? Her and Anna stopped me from leaving and made me feel right at home . Thank God , as I was helped so much there , just finding out I was not alone in my feelings .. and of course meeting so many friends that I still talk to now and then .. Thanks for visiting with us Libby !! Good night !! Love , Flo xxx
  8. Flo

    Hello again

    LOL >> OH Hello Dino and Libby ... It must be the two of us who scare them off ... Dino ... as yes a few newbies have stopped by and then disappear ... oh well ... We stay and post ... keep an eye open for others .. Dino is better at keeping up here than I am .. Libby . . it must be at least 10 yrs . not sure if Dino can find out ?? Nice of you to visit and hope all is well ... Have a great evening Love , Flo xxx
  9. Good morning all .... Today is Saturday .. and I am feeling like a bit of Saturday music ..... xxx Yes .. back to Saturday Night Fever.. a great movie ... John Travolta .. wonderful and I always loved growing up with the Bee Gees ..... good old days of youth for all of us .. there .. Love , Flo xxx
  10. Flo

    Hello again

    You are very welcome ... Usually Just Dino and myself .. so we r very happy to see someone join in ,, especially and old friend .. All is well here .. I do try to behave myself .. but u know .. not always easy ,, lol .. JK > OH MY ,,, this is huge @!@ Love Flo xxx
  11. Flo

    Hello again

    Just saw this post by Libby ,, Hello Libby !! What a nice surprise .. I think that is why we keep going here to see if any of our friends ,, or possibly new friends will reply or post .. Nice to see you here .. xxx Love , Flo xxx
  12. Good Morning !!! In honor of Elvis Presley's Birthday , Yesterday .. this is my song today ... This is one of my favorite , I think it shows how much he really loved Priscilla , They were married the same month and year as my hubby and I were ... <3 He was an Icon , people will never forget him.. Love Flo xxx
  13. Hello December , I am sorry it has taken so long to answer this ... First let me tell you , that you are not by any means crazy .. IT sounds like you're very lonely , and yet the thought of talking to someone makes u uncomfortable, that is just as u say Social Anxiety .. It as many of the other disorders , most of us suffer , is very crippling .. The panic attacks are also very unpleasant .. Let me just start out by saying I do relate to all that u r describing here .. I myself suffer from PTSD .. with Agoraphobia ... I have been under Drs care and on medication for all of it for now 20yrs .. I cannot believe that it has been that long ago, I remember thinking , I would never be able to be " right " again . So you can see that it has been a struggle , but now I am just about living a normal life with some limitations .. Let me ask you do you see a Therapist or a Dr for this ? It is tough to feel like anyone understands and u will find that people who have been through any of the disorders or the panic , anxiety and depression that go along with most of them , will be able to understand every word you are saying ,the feeling you are describing they have had so can relate .. Do get back to me , also Dino is a good person to talk to , she understands these feelings and is a super nice person .. !! SO I will end by saying Welcome and as it is Jan 1, 2016 ... a very Happy New Year to you .. xxxx Flo xxx
  14. Flo

    hello everyone

    Hello Monophobia !! Welcome to the Forum, I am sorry to hear of the panic attacks , and do understand the fears , that bring them on ..You are with people here who also suffer from such .. Love , Flo
  15. Hello .. Sorry so late for this special post , but better late than never .. xxx Dino and James , I am so happy to have friends like you .. God Bless and may you have many , many more years together ... <3 Love , Flo and Johnny .. xxx
  16. A very Happy Birthday to Crocman........ xxxx Hope your Day was special .. xxx with much Love . Your friends Flo and Johnny xxx
  17. Hello ALL >>> I think it is time for Christmas songs !! xxxx Enjoy the season ..... xxx Love, Flo xxx
  18. Flo

    Hello is any one there?

    Hello Gayle .. Happy to see you back , I am so sorry that you too suffer from Agoraphobia. I do hope that you get to enjoy some time with boyfriend as he is home.... I had to set "safe places " when I began to venture out of my house , that I felt most safe in , I am thinking that maybe with him home now , you may be able to go places with him, and find a " safe place " so to speak .. a place that you can go when he has gone back and feel safe among others .. So if you start out somewhere , maybe with a few people . I found that if I took an end seat , say as in Church or at Movies , I felt that I had a quick exit if needed .. I hope that maybe , sharing my own ideas might help a bit , but do know you are not odd or alone in your feelings , so many people suffer the same .. Have a great day !! Will be looking for you again ! Love , Flo xxx
  19. Flo

    Hello is any one there?

    Gale , A huge Welcome !! To the forum .. I am very sorry to hear of your fear of being alone , or is it just a very emotional feeling ?? U will be able to talk with others who suffer with fears and anxieties , in the Phobics chat room here is the link ,,, http://www.phobiasupport.com/ Also if you would feel more comfortable talking here it is fine .. Either myself or Dino will be on during the day ... I am a recovering PTSD sufferer , with Agoraphobia .. just to let u know a bit about me.. Love, Flo xxx
  20. Flo


    Good to hear lamps .. I am doing as well as I can , and keep moving forward , when I have a bad time, I take it easy and know I will be able to get back.. I also now pay attention to my limitations very important to me. I am very fortunate that I have " safe places " I can go to interact with people . I am still volunteering and love it ,!! People really do show appreciation ,and that is a positive thing for me. I am thankful for what I am able to do. and if I cannot do something , I just think maybe another time. I do hope that you are doing well yourself .. catch us up on yourself .. Take care and happy that you have joined us here in forum , seems most of time is just Dino and myself here .. so if u talk to any of our old friends let them know we r here.. and also of course newbies , we are always welcoming new people !! Love , Flo xxx
  21. Flo


    Hello Lamps ... I do hope that u remember me, bit will not be offended if u do not .. Welcome back to the forum ... always good to have old friends return .... Love , Flo ! xx
  22. Happy Sunday !! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1548643815388445&set=vb.1491233284462832&type=2&theater Love , Flo xxx
  23. Flo

    My ant phobia

    Hello Again Mtude !! Yes ,rest assured that when the weather is better and not so hot , as u said today was, they will be gone . Also do not worry about your fear.. that is normal , and for it to cause anxiety , that goes along with the fear .. I wish you well and hopefully they will leave on their own. Still feel free to come in to forum and chat , or the chat room , did you try that yet ?? Most important , do not be ashamed of your phobia , most people have them , some talk about them and others suffer alone .. , It is better to talk about any phobias .. Take care , Florence xxx
  24. Flo

    My ant phobia

    Mtude, First let me say a huge Welcome to the forum !!! , and always feel free to come and post anything you feel , is bothering you... A phobia to anything is a very frightening and very real cause of anxiety , so do not feel alone , you are among many people who suffer from phobias . I hope that by tomorrow when the exterminators can get to you , that all will be resolved . I can say that every once in a while here when the weather is extremely hot , we do have ants that get in , and do not try to figure out how .. LOL >> they are smart they find a way .... Until we can control that , I do become very anxious when I see them crawling ... and feel like my house is filthy .. .. and is not , just the fear of all of the creepy critters , invading my space.. Good luck and keep us updated on this problem , also you might like to try to look into the chat room , that too is very helpful ... Again Welcome , Florence xxx