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Found 6 results

  1. Lyssuuhh


    Hello! I'm new to this site, and I'm not quite sure if I'm doing this right but I thought I'd give it a try since I'm a long time struggler of anxiety and especially emetephobia. I'm 22 years old, and it seems this phobia has consumed my life. I deal with digestive issues and this certainly doesn't seem to help my phobia one bit! I always hated throwing up for as long as I could remember, but it seemed once I hit high school the fear took a turn for the worst. I would always have Dramamine on me in case I got nauseous. I would avoid people who were sick, even my own family, in case I caught it. I remember my mom was ill and vomiting I wouldn't leave my room for days and I would sanitize everything over and over and wash my hands almost constantly until I knew she was better. Then when I was 18, it finally happened. I had a severe sinus infection ending in vertigo, that I actually vomited from after years of avoiding it. After that experience my phobia became worse. I would carry zofran with me everywhere and when I got the slightest twinge that something was wrong I would take it as soon as I could and I would panic, and so on the fear continued to grow to an all time high. It started with acid reflux that was so severe I lost 30 pounds all together. I was scared to eat anything since it seemed I had heartburn 24/7. I could feel it in my throat and I was nauseated almost always, and it would send me into panic attacks multiple times a day, only making everything worse. It finally tapered down after a few months and it became bare able. I even gained my weight back, and I thought I was doing better. However, almost a year later I'm still dealing with the nausea and anxiety. I rarely leave the house, in fear I will become sick. My friendships and relationship is struggling because of this. I'm no longer able to do what I used to be able to do due to the sickness and anxiety that comes with it. I'm very depressed and very alone, and I was wonder how do you guys deal with this phobia? How do you get through the fear and anxiety and depression?
  2. Admin

    School phobia and anxiety

    School Phobia and Anxiety in Young Children School phobia is sometimes known as ‘school refusal’ because the child refuses to go to school. It is a complicated and severe form of anxiety about going to school, not of the school itself. The disorder can have many different causes and sometimes includes related anxiety disorders such as selective mutism and agoraphobia. Possible indications of the disorder include fatigue, stomach-aches, shaking and nausea with numerous trips to the bathroom....Read More
  3. I started having panic attacks when I was 8 years old, bad childhood, and by 33 started on medication, once I understood what was happening. Present day 14 years later-- my panic attack disorder seems to get worse so medication is increased. The medication works 90 percent of the time. I am trying to get past the main problem of my depression of how to accept it, instead of crying that it won't go away. Has anyone got past this ?? And how ??? Also how I have given this to my child even though I have given her a great childhood, but with bullying which I stopped once she told me, she has social anxiety. I feel selfish I had a kid knowing she would get this since it is genetic. Any comments welcome
  4. I like spending my birthdays in my king size bed watching tv and being left completely alone. How do others celebrate their birthdays
  5. HereInOz

    This is the time of day

    Another day coming to an end and once again I feel like I've just survived. Barely breathing. Beating myself up over an illness I don't understand. I can't figure out how chat works on this site, but perhaps it's becuz I am using my phone and not a computer. ( Don't have one) >sigh< It's gonna be another long nite. I would like to tell my brain to be quiet. It never listens. Peace & Hugs to All
  6. I would like to find support to find myself again. Somewhere. Outside my comfort zone lies the answer to my madness . I am a bundle of panic attacks, refuse to leave my house, depressed and don't want to live like this anymore. Looking for Hope. Understanding and Guidance. P-Meds have not been a help, can't get passed the side effects. I would sure appreciate any words of wisdom, from those who can relate to my post .