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Found 5 results

  1. PandaBus

    Irrational fear of drugs (I think)

    All my life I have never had to worry about drugs because I always saw it as insignificant and something that a handful of people do and it'll never have anything to do with my life. I lived very happily with this thought in the back of my mind and I could even joke about drugs in a good light. But last year things changed for me quite dramatically. Without going into too much detail, I began to realise that people around me were starting to do illegal drugs. Nobody that I'm necessarily close friends with because I don't have many friends in general. All of a sudden I'm realising that this is something far more normal and common than I expected and I don't like this reality. I don't understand drugs in the slightest and I'm fairly sure it's not the legal issue that frightens me. It's this idea of something normal that I don't understand that scares me the most, but I hate the idea of doing it myself and no matter how many explanations I get, I still don't understand why exactly anybody would want to do such a thing. My fear has escalated dramatically to the point where pro-longed thoughts of such things make me want to harm myself or even take my own life. I can't joke about drugs, imagine them, hear the word "drug" or even take legal medicine without these immense feelings of self hatred and sweating/shaking excessively. I have occasionally had panic attacks due to this, one of which resulted in me calling an ambulance and after having my blood pressure checked I was informed I was at risk of a minor heart attack. My life is constant stress and at this point I'm having panic attacks almost everyday. I just want to know if there's other people out there like myself and how I should handle my situation. Sorry if this was too long. I'd appreciate any and all replies, just please don't mock me. Thank you.
  2. hi I'm new here I can't leave my house alone - I'm agoraphobic and socialphobic for 10 years No one wants to be my friend and nobody cares if I'm alive or no. People saying what there's no point to be a friend with a toxic person who can't go out by myself. I dunno what to do anymore, I can't stop worrying what I don't have anyone (except my mom), zero support or friend
  3. Lyssuuhh


    Hello! I'm new to this site, and I'm not quite sure if I'm doing this right but I thought I'd give it a try since I'm a long time struggler of anxiety and especially emetephobia. I'm 22 years old, and it seems this phobia has consumed my life. I deal with digestive issues and this certainly doesn't seem to help my phobia one bit! I always hated throwing up for as long as I could remember, but it seemed once I hit high school the fear took a turn for the worst. I would always have Dramamine on me in case I got nauseous. I would avoid people who were sick, even my own family, in case I caught it. I remember my mom was ill and vomiting I wouldn't leave my room for days and I would sanitize everything over and over and wash my hands almost constantly until I knew she was better. Then when I was 18, it finally happened. I had a severe sinus infection ending in vertigo, that I actually vomited from after years of avoiding it. After that experience my phobia became worse. I would carry zofran with me everywhere and when I got the slightest twinge that something was wrong I would take it as soon as I could and I would panic, and so on the fear continued to grow to an all time high. It started with acid reflux that was so severe I lost 30 pounds all together. I was scared to eat anything since it seemed I had heartburn 24/7. I could feel it in my throat and I was nauseated almost always, and it would send me into panic attacks multiple times a day, only making everything worse. It finally tapered down after a few months and it became bare able. I even gained my weight back, and I thought I was doing better. However, almost a year later I'm still dealing with the nausea and anxiety. I rarely leave the house, in fear I will become sick. My friendships and relationship is struggling because of this. I'm no longer able to do what I used to be able to do due to the sickness and anxiety that comes with it. I'm very depressed and very alone, and I was wonder how do you guys deal with this phobia? How do you get through the fear and anxiety and depression?
  4. Admin

    School phobia and anxiety

    School Phobia and Anxiety in Young Children School phobia is sometimes known as ‘school refusal’ because the child refuses to go to school. It is a complicated and severe form of anxiety about going to school, not of the school itself. The disorder can have many different causes and sometimes includes related anxiety disorders such as selective mutism and agoraphobia. Possible indications of the disorder include fatigue, stomach-aches, shaking and nausea with numerous trips to the bathroom....Read More
  5. Not often we ever ask for any donations as we know people who are suffering are usually on low pay, But we need to update the website so it is more mobile and tablet friendly, this will then enable us to add even more help and support to the site, We are not asking for $100's just $49 to pay for the Pro version of the Wordpress theme we need to use, at the moment we have very little control over it but upgrading to Pro with help us sort this out, http://phobiasupport.com/wp/ The above is just a mock up and none of the links work and we are only able to change one colour, it seems more and more people are using mobile phones and tablets to access the site so we should really be bringing it to the people who use such devices, We would just like to thank all of the people for their support over the years, hopefully once again the site can be one of the best. Thankyou. Admin.