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Found 2 results

  1. Admin

    Phobia of cats.

    Fear or Phobia of Cats The phobia of Cats is called ailurophobia People have different reasons for their fear of cats. However, most of them can point to an experience in their past that made them afraid of the animals. While it is always prudent to treat animals with respect, it is not normal to panic at the sight of an ordinary cat or kitten...........Read more
  2. Not often we ever ask for any donations as we know people who are suffering are usually on low pay, But we need to update the website so it is more mobile and tablet friendly, this will then enable us to add even more help and support to the site, We are not asking for $100's just $49 to pay for the Pro version of the Wordpress theme we need to use, at the moment we have very little control over it but upgrading to Pro with help us sort this out, http://phobiasupport.com/wp/ The above is just a mock up and none of the links work and we are only able to change one colour, it seems more and more people are using mobile phones and tablets to access the site so we should really be bringing it to the people who use such devices, We would just like to thank all of the people for their support over the years, hopefully once again the site can be one of the best. Thankyou. Admin.