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Help for coping with panic

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1.The feelings are normal bodily reactions - exaggerated.

2.They are not harmful - just unpleasant.

3.Do not add frightening thoughts - negative, unpleasant consequences

4.Describe what is happening - notice what is not what you fear

5.Wait for fear to pass - Do not fight or run away - accept it.


1.Change "What If's" to "So What".

2.Stay in the present.

3.Don't judge your feelings.

4.Thoughts and feeling are NOT actions.

5.What am I telling myself that is scaring me?

6.I am what I tell myself.

7.The more I do, the more I can do.

8.I've done it before, I CAN do it again!

9.I am the same person, here or in my safe place.

10.I can handle it, nothing terrible will happen.

11.The feeling are distressing, NOT dangerous.

12.In reality, there is nothing that can hurt me here.

13.The anxiety can only go so high and then it comes down.


15.Take slow, deep breaths.


1.Muscular relaxation and exercise reduces muscle tension. It uses up

the energy released by the "fight or flight" response.

2.Prolonged aerobic exercise causes production of endorphins which

produce feelings of euphoria and relaxation.

3.Exercise improves and maintains good circulation and lowers blood


4.Exercise may help to clear the mind of worrying thoughts and

anxieties and can encourage more creativity and problem solving.


1.Accept the feeling, it can't hurt you.

2.Give yourself permission to feel anxious.

3.Calm yourself with positive self-talk.

4.Breathe slowly through your nose.

5.Let go, float, and flow.

6.Distract yourself, it is only anxiety.

7.Use the adrenaline in a positive pursuit.

8.Don't let a bad day scare you.

9.Give yourself credit for how far you've come.

10.Let time pass, IT WILL GO AWAY!


When you begin to practice, expect yourself to experience some anxiety.

You are doing something that you have been afraid of or avoiding

for a long time, so anticipatory anxiety is appropriate.

You may have some physical reactions such as lightheadedness,

palpitations, sweaty palms, etc. It is your past memories

of these situations that create your anxiety response. Try to

switch your thinking to more realistic thoughts like: "My body

is only bluffing me. I will let go and not fight the feelings."

Whenever you feel the fear rising, WAIT.

Don't run to your safe place immediately. Research has shown that

if someone leaves a situation while in a state of panic

or high anxiety, they have more difficulty returning the next time.

If you have to leave, just go far enough away for the

anxiety to lessen. Allow yourself time to recover before going home.

Watch the fear rise and let it fall.

Notice that it comes in waves. In the past, you have run at the

first sign of fear and didn't give yourself a chance to see it go down.

Rehearse going into a situation in a positive way.

Focus on rational thinking and use your THOUGHT SWITCHING CARDS

(cards with a relaxing scene with you in the

scene such as an ocean front, gardens, waterfalls, etc.) often

until their influence is felt.

Practice thought stopping.

Place emphasis on what you do, not what you feel.

Remember, you are learning that YOU CAN FUNCTION WITH DISCOMFORT.

Experiencing anxiety gives you an

opportunity to practice coping with it. Remember, comfort is a

desire, not a need. Try to function with the fear. Accept

it; don't fight it.

Try to focus on things outside of yourself.

It is this constant internal focusing that pumps you up. Listen to

what other people are saying, focus on things in the shop

window, count backwards from 100 by 3, engage in conversation,

listen to what is being said on the radio, imagine

yourself in some pleasant place, touch something soft, recite to

yourself the states and their capitals, or any other thing

that will get your mind off of your feeling.

Remember to go slowly.

Try not to rush because this tends to pump the body up and make the

anxiety worse. If you have to leave, leave as

slowly as possible. Imagine yourself in slow motion.

If you begin to feel lightheaded, try one or all of the following:

(a) Breathe slowly through your nose to the count of 4 and then

exhale through your mouth to the count of 4. (B) Always

practice breathing through your nose, slowly.

Try to remain in the present.

It is the constant fear of what you are GOING to feel that keeps

you anxious. Say to yourself, "If this is the worst it gets,

can I stand it?" Identify what you are feeling at the moment; don't

add to it by jumping into the future. Deal with it from

moment to moment.


1.Remember that although your feelings and symptoms are frightening,

they are neither dangerous nor harmful.

2.Understand that what you are experiencing is merely an exaggeration

of your normal reactions to stress.

3.Do not fight your feelings or try to wish them away. The more

willing you are to face them, the less intense they will become.

4.Don't add to your panic by thinking about what "might happen." If

you find yourself asking, "What if?" tell yourself "So what!"

5.When you find yourself thinking about fear, change your "what if"

thinking. Focus on and perform some simple, manageable task.

6.Notice that when you stop thinking frightening thoughts your

anxiety fades.

7.When fear comes, accept it, don't fight it. Wait and give it time

to pass. Don't try to escape from it.


1.Use abdominal breathing.

2.See, touch, and feel the objects around you.

3.Tell yourself the feelings are not harmful.

4.Tell yourself the feelings will pass.

5.Visualize a peaceful scene.

6.Splash cold water on your face.

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110750br9bv5u4hu.gifkunoichi,and a huge thank you to you for posting all the other info in depression, OCD etc its much appreciated

Now for this one if only i could as the saying goes practice what i preach tried breathing through my beak earlier and thought i was a goner lol :lol:

love dino


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Aww hun never a problem and yeah I get what you mean. The thing about practicing is that its going to take that time to get there. I used to have 10 to 15 panic attacks a day. I still get them now but they have lessened to about 5 to 10 a week. You will get there hun, one step and breathe at a time. xxx ((( )))

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Thank you kuno for replying

What i cannot understand is why out of nowhere one min example i can be sitting here ok im always tensed up but out of nowhere its like i'm about to faint and no matter what i do to try distract myself nothing helps and i need to again go back to bed and sleep it off for two or three hours

I cannot even say my beds a safe place cos even there i'm lying thinking this seriously is my last moments on earth omg sorry i'm a whinging cow again but im just interested to know does anyone else get this and if so how to hell do i stop it

I try tv but its as if it is right inside my head and even though volumes as low as can be is to me so loud i need switch it off , reading is out cos my eyesight goes all blurry , i try play with my son but even that is like climbing a mountain everything is to much . i know lying in bed so long and housebound so longs not helping but just to walk to the kettle i couldn't use it due to being so shaky detached dizzy as before i burnt myself badly like a twat and still have the scar cos obviously couldn't go docs to get it sorted

Ok i will shut my gob again mrs bloody whine a lot should be my new nik lol

love dino


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Sorry for lack posts this severe faintness still has me bedridden most of the day, i have after 14 years a optician coming to house Monday to give me a eye test he is a dour face but only one we have so i have no choice lol

I just hope i dont freak with panic and run away to bed like a crazed loonie

due to an accident when i was a kid i am already blind in one eye so im doomed it will be guide dogs for the blind im needing not glasses ffs atm i see to read with a pair of 99p reading glasses hubby got me out tescos lol 1845739qkkvvyok3u.gif

Hope everyone is well and please people it would be lovely to see more posts here on the forum from you all

love dino


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Dino ,

I am so happy to hear that the Eye DR is coming ,I know this may help a bit !! Hopefully a lot,,,

Here he is .. NO worries ok ...


You will have choices, to choose from ...

pinkcatseyeglasses.jpg or ..

x17168518.jpg or ..

LOL glow in dark ones,, Glowstick_Eyeglasses.jpg maybe .. these eyeglasses.jpg

Look even for Kian if he needs ,,


, Hopefully it will come express mail .. @-@)) so u can see soon!!

Love ,

Flo xxxx

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flo your a riot love the reply thanks cheered me up ;)

Ophthalmologist arrived this morning i was so faint panicky i seriously thought i was going lose it but he was very nice and tried his very best to calm me

Results i knew were going be bad on the eye i had burnt as a child but ffs he said severe trauma and only 10% vision in that eye , i tried joking said to poor hubby now see that's how i picked you pmsl

He then explained Diane it is every two years your supposed have an eye test not every twenty two lol , but in reality due to my right eye being virtually blind there is nothing that will sort it not even glasses and that my peripheral vision in other eyes ok

I do need reading glasses though and not my 99p ones :lol:eyes.gif

His opinion re my dizziness he said he doubts is from this but something else and talk to my doctor

Thank you again flo for your support as always im away back bed now as this panic has me yet again exhausted beyond belief

love dino


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*Hugs* hunny. I'm sorry that you had to have that confirmed. It may be different having the 10% vision in that eye but know you aren't alone. I only have one eye and I'm able to do things still. ((( )))

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