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10 Things to remember when you are manic

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  • Contact someone let them know what's going on, explain if you feel safe or not .
  • Force yourself not to get involved in decision making that may have disastrous consequences.
  • Record your medication taking making sure you taking meds as this could be the cause of this episode.
  • Isolate yourself from triggers and try to establish a sleep pattern.
  • Write down feelings and e-mail these or send to a friend, list or someone who may be able to give feed back on your state of mind.
  • Get some form of recreation and burn off some of the energy, stay close to the house don't engage in long distance trips no matter how tempted.
  • Try not to over eat as it is difficult to refrain from obsessive activities .
  • Be aware of your appearance,( I could dress like a clown and not be aware of it ).
  • Remind yourself that despite the pleasure you are feeling, you must keep yourself safe. This is not yourself or the thinking you would normally have .
  • Go back and review activities and be aware of events that have occurred while manic, ( check book after spending, work activities not reporting to work or not reporting off ).

Courtesy of Larry Foster © 2000

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