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10 Things to remember when you are depressed

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When depressed I have found it useful to ask for help in a way that others can help, trying to explain what you are experiencing . It is great to vent but what can the person listening do for you . I have found asking for something positive , and something they can actually do like pay your bills help clean up the mess that was created while you were unable to function will help some of the negative thoughts you are feeling about the world around you.

  • Talk about your feelings, let others know what your needs may be .Keep communications open !.
  • Force yourself to accomplish one thing per day no matter how small .
  • Take medications, get help in doing this if be needed.
  • Do not isolate yourself from others or sleep all the time.
  • Write down your feelings if just one sentence.
  • Get some form of recreation outside of the house , take a walk at the mall. (this is something others can be asked to help with)
  • Eat if only a nutritious snack.
  • Shower and keep your appearance up.
  • Try to rationalize your thoughts as depression and not being the absolute truth but a chemical state of imbalance .When you have a period of lifting reflect back on what's been going on and take care of neglected things (another chance for others to help you).

Courtesy of Larry Foster © 2000

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Tnx for posting Kuno...interesting list. If it were a test I'd be failing miserably, maybe I'll blog on that. Though I suffer from depression I'm not OCD so I won't mention there was only 9 entries on the list of 10 things to remember....I'm sure I'm not doing #10 anyways.

.....luv ya all....Pog

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lol now that's going to bother me lol i just copy and pasted...maybe I missed a bit :/ Also I got this off a website so it's not something i necessarily have tried but I think i will try to implement some.

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