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Fight or Flight goes over to other situations?

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I was thinking about this last night, when I woke up in the middle of the night. Most of us know that panic attacks are meant to be the "flight or fight" response. I am wondering if that goes into other area's of our life even when we do not have panic attacks. Such as running away from things that we would rather avoid or being overly confrontational when we do not need to be? Just a thought. Wondering if anyone else has seen this in their own life?

Love ya


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Hi Kuno

Fight or flight, is rooted deeply in our brains as a way for us to handle a rough life, perhaps from the days we had to fight or flee from wildlife. If our brains are somehow disturbed, or in disorder (in lack of a better word), we are triggered in situations that are not life-threatening. If this could become part of our personality, so we want to fight or flee in non-PA situations, I can only answer from my own experience. And it could be you are right, I am very insecure on things, often leave early from the clubhouse because it simply "becomes too much" being there among other people (flight). I'm also nervous about being in a car for instance, afraid it will crash, though it doesn't take the form of a PA, just a general uneasy feeling I have to put aside. I must say, I'm never really confrontational though, I seem to be afraid to be angry, because there might be consequenses I will have to endure afterwards.

I am thinking, that the brain is so interconnected that it might be possible you are right, because all of the brain is aware of a PA, and then other parts of the brain could be affected by it - so the whole personality is. How much is affected, and how severely, is probably different from person to person.

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