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AHA! Found you all

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So there I was. I was like the kid whose parents forgot to pick them up from school. Sitting on the swings by myself, wondering where the hell everyone went. My friends all left me. ???????

Then my beautiful friends Dino and Massagemom, snuck through cyberspace, all silent and ninja-like, and snagged me. YAY!! I've been found. I wasn't forgotten after all. And yes, they did look very sexy in their black ninja outfits.

So this is where you all went??? Well I wanna play too! Where's my chair? And did we get donuts yet?

Hello to everyone. Happy-happy-joy-joy to be here. Love to all my 'old' friends, I've missed you. And I'm glad to meet any new friends.


PS - I'm a Newbie again? Seriously? LOL

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welkomback1.gifsunny :)

now here is your chair never say we don't care :lol:


seriously great to have you here my friend you have been missed :)

love dino


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