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How wobbly are your legs

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How wobbly are your legs during an agoraphobic attack? Ive been doing exposure therapy 14 years for severe agoraphobia- yes- 14 years. My legs during attacks are so wobbly and out of control that Ive been made fun of and told I look like I have MS. I literally cannot always control where I go because it is so severe. Doc says its not MS and is probably all agoraphobia since it only happens in trigger areas. 

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hi Erin

A huge welcome to phobia support 

my legs are so wobbly I need to have either crutches or something and someone to hold onto 

Like you I to have had ongoing cbt over 14 year's or more all unfortunately to no avail 

I also have the woobly legs indoors I only ever go out once a week with my support worker and the four steps away from my front door to her car I look drunk ?

Again welcome and always know you are not alone

Dino x

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