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My last message for this community

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I just wanna say i would never go back here anymore,anyway since i registered i had lots of problems i never had in my life and i loss my will that i never post anymore.To those who wanted it b4 and now doesnt care cause they expected it Hurray!! for you.I really wanted to go back,until this month i've been hoping the admin would give me atleast a reply as a respect but it looks like whoever made me ban has halo that the admin think im a devil.Since this is my last post i want to say what i feel anyway the admin will trash it or maybe those who made me banned 3 months ago.For almost 1 and half year,my life became screwed and this community became a very special part of my life,not going outside my house,and even when decided to go back school and been trashed irl,the chatroom has been my daily routine.I fill my days spending time with trivia people and decided to go away from any trouble,little did i know that if i followed someones advice that i should try to mingle in main ill got misunderstood. God knows i cherished all my days here,how i love katekate for being the person who understands me and never left me;grateful always for the times i spend with allen,laura,mws,welsh,tagsy,mnm,michael,mike,its a time more than well spent,i can never forget;thankful for siblings pog and emmydee for making me laugh and encouraging me,people i will miss;fell lucky that i found someone like as serious as me i think like cavecricket,which shares my passion for tech and been my friend even he's not suffering from any phobia and depression.Thankful way to much as well to those who tried to listen to me and be friend like caz and alexei,and also to those for some time been good to me like ounce,david,kunoichi,reen,gregor,boofa and kev,and to others i cant remember cause ive been force to 4got your names by the time i werent allowed in chat room,i just even scan the ss i got for names and thankful atleast i have this as memories.My gratitude as well to those who been my friend but same time might have betrayed me and help with my ban,you know who you,i wanted to mention your name to thank you for the good times,to say that how much i used to respect you than anyone,but it hurts me the most. Thanks to vince for always being the best op that always there to help me.I wanted,hope to come back that im so desperate i tried to bypass ip,but i stop cause i still respect for the admin and this community,and even ask help from yggdrasil from the other room but i think the intensity of my feelings then made yggs off help me.I guess it wasnt meant to be or someone happened to make it not meant to be for me anymore,Im so happy i knew this community but same time if i knew itll end up like this,being treat as dirt,even the admin not replying which made me felt so disrespected,i would have tried to make changes in the past,cause even if i love,live all the times im here,the same times make me feel so much agony and furious out of all of this.I jsut type and type,dont know even if its grammatically right,dont want dont care;Anyway no ones listening anyway,but to those thanks for pity.To those who hated me and those who made me banned,i have so much wrath for you,you cause me so much pain,i wish i could wish you bad but i cant cause im not like you,people who hurt others not accidentaly;just so you know since i left here,i felt more alone,more sad,i have more trouble in my life,so much sadness that even im eating healthy foods still i became overweigth,so fat that now not only people look at me differently like im a lunatic but like im an alien,seeing people i dont know come near me just to talk about me and make me hear im a loser;happy now,i hope you are like i said i dont wish you what you wish me,cause you dont knwo what it feels to be not happy and i dont want same thing for you.This pain and its extension in my real life also affected my ehalth taht i had so much physical aching of heart lot lately.Im in some of their channel if ever anyone one still wants to be my friend to me,though doubt that.

Enough of this crap,farewell.

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