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Thinking Of U Dino ..

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Dino ....

ON this day of Sadness , the anniversary of your Dear Dad's passing ... Know that you have many friends behind you ...


Love ,

Florence xxxx

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I know you haven't been doing well. I know you ahve been getting hit with a thing after another. but..well wanted to remind you of the unconditional love that is here. That at least, for myself talking, I am here if you need it. I may not always be able to handle things, have advice, or know what to say. I may not always have time (speaking if like I need to go somewhere, 24/7 ability) but you can still PM me and i will still listen.

*hugs* to you for your dad's passing. May God bless you and keep you in his loving arms.

Love always


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Thank you florence and kunochi

Please first accept my apolgies for the late reply i swear it is only today i seen this as i can barely get out bed to computer and when i do five/ten mins is my max before the head rushes panic set in so severe i need lie down again even then in terror

The stress of thinking our wee boy had cancer had me so bad monday night the doctor was called diazapam earlier did nothing to alliviate what i can only describe as a living hell panic so intense i seriously prayed to die, this is continuing non stop and i seriously cannot do this no more :(

Sorry i will shut up now the reason not been coming on all i do of late is bloody well moan and for that my apologies again

Thank you both again for your kindness and love to you both and all here i miss you all so much

love dino


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Please do not leave coming on here. We love you and we like to hear from you. I want you to keep talking, keep venting and its okay to deal with it. I'm so sorry your panic is so severe. You can keep living and you can keep living as best you can with what you have. Thinking of you always hun.



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To Dino,

I'm sorry it's taken me a few days to put something here but I've not been to good but I'm ok now,

We are sorry your still having a bad time, Give Crockman a big hug from me,I will give you a ring next week, if thats ok.

Love Dawn & Paul. :)


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