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Please Read...it is important to me that people read it.

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I want to really thank those in my life who have really been there for me this last few months. Whether that was a simple phone call, listening to me when I was vulnerable and needed a shoulder to cry in, just saying "I care" or "I'm praying".

Or the simple "i love you", the hugs, opening up to me. Everything. Whether you realize it or not, you caring means the world to me. Saying "I am here. I care. I'm not going away".

I know I am human, I'm not always easy to deal with. In fac...t, I am often weak in faith, prone to melachonly and seemingly least usable person. But people stay anyways. That unconditional love astounds me. I truly do not "get it". But I am grateful for it. So thank you.

Also want to thank you guys for making me laugh. For letting me share my feelings without judgement, without shoving aside my feelings into simple cliches of "think one way or another". Letting me just "be" in all my imperfections. Thank you and I love you all very much.


PS. if you think you haven't been there, because maybe you weren't able to "fix" my problems or maybe I didn't tell you about what was going on, or maybe I was shut down to everyone..you still helped. This applies to everyone, whether they believe it or realize it.

PSS. If anyone wants to copy/paste this to those they think need it..or well haven't heard it in case I'm not here much due to my own trials. Then please do so.

I would start adding apologies for all my wrongs...all my humanness, but i think that list would be too long. God bless.

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Glad to have you as a (although) distant friend, hun. As I mentioned to a fellow chatter, nothing lasts forever, and we should appreciate each other while we are here.

*love and a tree hug* for you :)


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*ninja hugs* to you YGG. I feel the same. Though I'm not going anywhere I assure you. Just having a bit of a struggle and can't say how active I'll be in forums or chat currently. But i wanted to write this and felt the need to, so there it is.

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